Imitation leather

Imitation leather

Leather is as much in demand as it is controversial - although the chemically preserved animal skin is robust and versatile, its production takes place at the expense of animals, humans and the environment - not so with a new, plant-based imitation leather.



Renewable resources:
Residual materials from hemp cultivation

Participating companies:
Revoltech GmbH

Bioeconomy factor:
Plant-based imitation leather


Leder, Lederimitat

In response to the many problems associated with leather production, there is now a purely plant-based leather alternative made from waste from local hemp cultivation: vegan, biodegradable, free of petroleum and chemicals, but with leather-like properties, look and feel.

Plant-based instead of animal-based, cyclical instead of linear

The main component of the artificial leather is hemp from German cultivation. The plant has a high cultivation density in this country, does not require harmful pesticides in cultivation and at the same time has a carbon-reducing effect due to its deep rooting. An innovative technology is used to produce the plant textile from the organic material, which saves 99.7% CO2 compared to the production of real leather.

The technology is not limited to the utilization of residues from hemp cultivation, but can be adapted to locally available plant residues and thus replace animal leather worldwide.

The production process of the imitation leather does not take place at the expense of animals, nor is it polluting or toxic. Instead, the imitation leather is 100% plant-based, plastic-free and therefore recyclable and biodegradable without leaving behind microplastics or other residual materials. Due to its malleability and versatility, it is expected to find customers in the fashion, furniture and automotive industries.

Market readiness

After six years of research, Revoltech was officially founded in 2021, making it a spin-off company of TU Darmstadt. The manufacturing process of the vegan imitation leather LOVR was filed for patent.