Ausschnitt eines Reagenzglases mit klarer Flüssigkeit und dunklen Polymerscheiben

Heading for the new biotechnology?

Researchers want to replace the substrates sugar and alcohol with cheaper and sustainable hydrogen.

Chromatographische Systeme zur Analyse und Aufreinigung  enzymatisch produzierter Präbiotika.

Towards microbial prebiotic production

Researchers have developed a novel microbiological manufacturing process that can produce prebiotics and sweeteners sustainably and efficiently.


Recycling rare earths with peptides

In the PepTight project, researchers want to identify peptides that are able to filter special rare earths, known as lanthanides, from industrial water.

Papierschale gefüllt mit unterschiedlichem Obst

Thermoformable paper as a plastic substitute

Paper has a better recycling cycle than plastics. Researchers therefore want to develop a new paper-based packaging material.

Hügellandschaft mit Olivenanbau

Not everyone wants the bioeconomic transformation

A research project examines mentalities, their backgrounds and consequences regarding the ecological-social transformation.

Forscher am Mikroskop

Funding Initiatives at a glance

For research funding, the National Bioeconomy Strategy of 2020 defines six modular building blocks that cover the various aspects of the bioeconomy.

In this overview you will find more information on the relevant funding measures of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in each module.


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All funding measures at a glance

As part of the "National Bioeconomy Research Strategy", a total of six federal ministries are supporting the development of a bio-based economy in Germany. There are also numerous funding measures at European level that are relevant to the bio-economy. In addition, the federal states offer research funding.

Our database provides an overview of all bioeconomy-relevant R&D calls in Germany and the European Commission.

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