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Deciphering neural networks

Munich neurobionics expert Harald Luksch is investigating the sense of orientation in animals and using this knowledge to...

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Global Hunger Index

One crisis after the other destroys the livelihood of millions of people. Wars, droughts, floods, plagues of locusts and also...

Hungernde Kinder in der Drtten Welt

2019 Research Survey on the Bioeconomy

2019 Research Survey on the Bioeconomy

In Germany, almost 800 research institutions in the natural sciences and humanities deal with the bioeconomy. This survey gives an overview of their priorities regarding R&D, their raw materials, industrial applications, financing and number of employees. In addition, this year six bioeconomy experts were interviewed about their assessments of the local research landscape.

Bioeconomy in Germany

Bioeconomy in Germany

Bioeconomy has been on the political agenda in Germany for many years. The Federal government has launched a bioeconomy research strategy as well as a specific political strategy.


What are the industries in Germany doing to be biobased and sustainable? What are the challenges and where do we already have promising approaches?

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