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Bioeconomy Exhibition

The bioeconomy has rapidly developed in recent years. What has been accomplished in the last five years alone is truly impressive: Many bioeconomy products have become bestsellers. Bio-based start-ups have grown into medium-sized companies. And established, traditional industrial companies are integrating bio-based production steps into their existing structures.

Kolorierte Darstellung des Bakteriums Shewanella oneidensis

Success story

High performance without oxygen

Bioelectrochemistry enables economically attractive microbial biofactories. In the future, the proteobacterium Shewanella oneidensis could be used in this way for acetoin production.

Dirk Messner


"Bioeconomy is the core of sustainability policy"

Sustainability researcher Dirk Messner has been President of the Federal Environment Agency since January of this year. In an interview he talks about the opportunities and challenges on the way to a bio-based economy, the corona pandemic and the value of global networking.

Faultier im Regenwald

Studies and statistics

Leibniz-IZW (2021): How the loss of forest fauna undermines the achievement of the SDGs

A study by scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) and the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) looks at the link between increasingly animal-less tropical forests and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

zwei Bierflaschen, mit denen angestoßen wird



Beer - a traditional German drink. Although beer consumption is declining, hardly any other country in the world records such high beer consumption as Germany.

The latest from the bioeconomy

Frau mit Outdoor-Kleidung und Rucksack beim Wandern in den Bergen

Impregnating outdoor textiles sustainably

The textile chemicals company Rudolf GmbH receives funding from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment for the construction of a manufacturing plant for an impregnating agent based on renewable raw materials.

Hanfpflanze für die industrielle Nutzung

Creating new food additives from hemp

The start-up Becanex wants to extract cannabidiol from industrial hemp. The Berlin-based company has now successfully acquired funding from the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand, ZIM).

Salat mit Quinoa (Halopyhte) und Ulva (Meersalat, Makroalge)

Literature as inspiration for nutrition concepts

In search of new concepts for tomorrow's nutrition, the joint project Food4Future wants to analyze science fiction novels together with students from the University of Potsdam.

ERC-Preisträger: Philip Wigge/Gert Bange

ERC funding for pioneering plant research

Molecular biologist Philip Wigge and biochemist Gert Bange have been awarded the highly endowed ERC Advanced Grants by the European Research Council for their innovative projects in plant research.


Linua Stegbauer

"Microalgae on building facades can green the city"

Linus Stegbauer wants to use microalgae to improve the urban climate by developing facade elements for buildings that are coated with a special biofilm of living microalgae.

Worldwide strategies

The bioeconomy is gaining ground all over the world. A large number of countries have now adopted bioeconomy strategies - with various focus areas. You can find them in the following overview.

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In the spotlight

Bioeconomy inside

Trash bag

A staggering 79% of the 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste produced ends up in the environment, creating a major problem for the climate and nature.

Mülltüten ais recyceltem Plastik

What percentage of plastic is used only once before being thrown away?

That's incorrect.

That's correct!


Beer - a traditional German drink. Although beer consumption is declining, hardly any other country in the world records such high beer consumption as Germany.

3 Bierflaschen

How many beer brands are there in Germany according to the German Brewers Association?

That's wrong.

That's right

Meat substitute

When it comes to producing healthy and sustainable meat substitutes, there are no limits to creativity: Research is currently being conducted to develop an alternative made from apple residues.

Wurstscheiben mit Tomaten garniert

In Germany, people like to eat sausage.

How many kilograms of sausage does every German eat on average per year?

It is a lot more.

That's right!

Insulated packaging

As a sustainable alternative to the conventional insulation packaging made of polystyrene, straw enables to put an end to packaging waste in the parcel industry.


Food delivery is rising in popularity, especially since the Corona crisis, making sustainable packaging more important than ever.

Since when do delivery services bring groceries to the doorstep?

Unfortunately, that's wrong.

That's right!


Our skin has to withstand quite a lot - heat and sun, cold and dryness, stress and wrong or no care. All too often, the right protection is neglected. Instead of body lotion, nourishing clothing made from seaweed is now supposed to help.

Top aus VitadylanTM

Besides producing sustainable clothing, what else can components of the algae Ascophyllum nodosum be used for?

Unfortunately this is wrong.