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Creative young talent wanted for the bioeconomy

With the new "BioKreativ" funding initiative, the BMBF is enabling young researchers from the natural, IT and engineering sciences to set up a junior research group for bioeconomy research. Apply by April 15.


Wheat disease threatens global food supply

An international research team led by Munich agricultural scientist Senthold Asseng has modeled for the first time how the fungal disease wheat blast affects wheat production as a result of climate change.

Gemenge aus Mais und Stangenbohnen: Die Nährstoffverluste fallen deutlich niedriger als im Maisreinanbau aus.

Combined maize and bean cultivation pays off

According to a study, the combined cultivation of maize and runner beans is characterized by lower yields, but lower nutrient losses and greater biodiversity compared to a maize monoculture.

EU-Parlament-Abstimmung zu genomischen Techniken

EU Parliament votes in favour of relaxing rules on genetic modification

The EU Commission's amended proposal to relax genetic engineering legislation for certain genome-edited plants was adopted by the European Parliament by a narrow majority.

Forscher wollen gesunde und schmackhafte Kost für Menschen über 50 entwickeln.

Food transition creates trillions in profit

A global report involving researchers from Potsdam shows how the global economy would benefit from an agricultural and food transition and underlines the urgent need to revise the political framework.

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Wissenschaftsjahr 2020/21 – Bioökonomie

Wir sind Partner des Wissenschaftsjahres 2020/21, in dem die Bioökonomie im Rampenlicht steht. Mehr zum Thema biobasierte Wirtschaft, zum vielseitigen Veranstaltungsprogramm und zu den kleinen Helden der Bioökonomie gibt es auf

Hier geht es zur Website des Wissenschaftsjahres 2020/2021