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Sportschuhe auf einer Wiese

Mushroom threads as a leather substitute

In 2021, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas will launch shoes using a fabric made of mushroom threads instead of leather.

bioö in neuem Look

New design for bioö

The information portal bioö has a new look! Cleaner, more visual and technically up-to-date – our website has been given a new, elegant design.


Toward better hybrid varieties

Genetic information from seed banks can help better equip today's arable crops for climate change.


Making almonds and nuts germ-free

It is not only eggs that can contain salmonella – but also almonds. Researchers have now been able to use compressed carbon dioxide to make these pathogenic bacteria harmless.


Silage films made from biopolymers

A team of researchers at Hof University of Applied Sciences wants to banish conventional plastic silage films from the fields and develop a bio-based alternative with better properties.

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Wissenschaftsjahr 2020/21 – Bioökonomie

Wir sind Partner des Wissenschaftsjahres 2020/21, in dem die Bioökonomie im Rampenlicht steht. Mehr zum Thema biobasierte Wirtschaft, zum vielseitigen Veranstaltungsprogramm und zu den kleinen Helden der Bioökonomie gibt es auf

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