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Modellform der Theaterdekoration aus dem mycelbasierten Verbundstoff
Model of the theater decoration made of the mycelium-based composite material

Premiere for stage design from mushroom mycelium

Researchers at TU Dresden work on sustainable stage design made of a composite material with fungal mycelium. The corresponding premiere is at the beginning of December in Munich.

Feuchte tropische Bergwälder wie hier auf La Réunion sind durch eine reiche Epiphytenflora gekennzeichnet.
Humid tropical montane forests, such as here in La Réunion, are characterized by a rich epiphyte flora.

Global plant diversity at a glance

Researchers reconstructed the distribution of global plant diversity and used it to create a world map showing where and how many plant species exist.

Rot melierte Fläche mit Vergrößerung von Salzkörnern in schwarzweiß
The sponge-like structure of the chip (in gray) was created with salt crystals. The red microorganisms colonize it in the laboratory within a few days.

Cultivate bacteria in their habitat

A silicone sponge can be used to detect bacteria that cannot be cultured in the laboratory and to analyze their DNA.

Innovationspreis Gregor Mendel Stiftung für IPK-Forscher Martin Mascher (links) und Nils Stein (mitte)
Awards ceremony for the Gregor Mendel Innovation Prize (from left): IPK researchers Martin Mascher and Nils Stein, Maria von Korff Schmising (Vice Chairwoman of the Gregor Mendel Foundation).

Leibniz scientists honored for cereal genome research

The Gregor Mendel Foundation has awarded the Innovation Prize to researchers Nils Stein and Martin Mascher from the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) in Gatersleben for their contributions to decoding the complex genomes of wheat, barley and rye.

Zu Rundballen zusammengepresstes Weizenstroh
The pulp yield from one kilogram of straw is about 40%.

From wheat straw to textile fiber

Researchers in Hamburg want to tap new sources of raw materials - straw, to be precise - in order to obtain cellulose fibers for the textile industry.

Bayer übernimmt Targenomix
Bayer's acquisition of Targenomix aims to accelerate the discovery and use of promising molecules for crop protection (center: Targenomix CEO Dr. Sebastian Klie).

Bayer acquires Max Planck spin-off Targenomix

The Potsdam-based start-up Targenomix uses systems biology and bioinformatics to develop new crop protection products.

Gewächshaus mit vielen jungen grünen Pflanzen
Plants were grown from seeds of Europe-wide populations of field penny-cress (Thlaspi arvense) in the greenhouse under standardized conditions.

Microclimate influences epigenetics of field penny-cress

Plant researchers from Tübingen have investigated epigenetic marks in a crop plant - the field penny-cress. These adapt to the climatic conditions of a site.

Many barley varieties are still resistant to barley mosaic virus. Thanks to a new discovery, that could remain the case.

Winter barley: Old landraces reveal path to virus resistance

Genetic analyses of old landraces of winter barley have led plant researchers from Gatersleben to discover a molecular mechanism that can be used to produce virus-resistant barley varieties.

Rest- und Abfallstoffe aus der Verarbeitung von Hanffasern
Residual and waste materials from the processing of hemp fibers

Improve cascade use of the hemp plant

A new research project aims to tap the potential of residual and waste materials from hemp processing - especially their use for energy.

geschäumter Biopolymere
A high-performance lightweight pallet made of biopolymer foam could be an alternative to the wooden Euro pallet.

Innovation award for lightweight pallets made of biopolymer foam

In the sustainability category of the FSK industry association's innovation award, this year's prize went to Fraunhofer researchers from Pfinztal.

Färberdistel (Carthamus tinctorius)
Safflower oil is produced from the safflower Carthamus tinctorius.

Bio-based plastics from safflower oil

Cologne-based researchers have tapped safflower oil as a resource for the production of biobased polyamides.

Zwei Fußabdrücke vor dem Hintergrund von Versuchsparzellen mit Weizensorten symbolisieren, dass der Züchtungsfortschritt zum Klimaschutz beiträgt, durch Reduktion des CO2-Fußabdrucks.
The two footprints against the background of trial plots symbolize that breeding progress contributes to climate protection, by reducing the carbon footprint.

Fungus-resistant cereal varieties contribute to climate protection

A new study concludes that breeding new wheat and rye varieties can significantly reduce agriculture's carbon footprint.

Die neuen Büroräume des Unternehmens auf dem Campus Neuried, deren Bau im August 2019 begann, wurden speziell für die individuellen Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen von AMSilk gebaut.
The company's new offices at the Neuried campus, construction of which began in August 2019, were built specifically to meet AMSilk's unique needs and requirements.

AMSilk relocates headquarters and plans further growth

The biotech company AMSilk has moved into new laboratory and office space on the Neuried campus southwest of Munich - partly in order to continue growing outside Europe.

Weiße Flocken vor schwarzem Hintergrund
Under the microscope it looks like cotton balls, but it is a highly pure, dried xylan granulate.

Xylan and lignin from beech wood

A pilot plant for the production of two biobased pharmaceutical raw materials has performed well in test operation.

Acker mit Reihen von Tabakpflanzen
At normal salt concentration in the soil, the leaves of tobacco plants are firm and erect.

How plant leaves tolerate high salt concentrations

The salt protection mechanism now demonstrated in plant leaves is superior to that in roots and opens up potential for plant breeding.

So sieht der Ring aus, der künftig gegen Insekten helfen könnte.
The ring that could help against insects in the future.

Ring shaped mosquito repellent

Researchers from Halle have used a 3D printer to encapsulate an insect repellent in a biopolymer and molded it into a finger ring that protects against mosquitoes.

Forscherin mit einem elektrochemischen Versuchsaufbau
Researchers in the ETOS project want to achieve CO2-neutral chemical production with organic electrosyntheses.

Electrolysis for CO2-neutral chemical processes

The ETOS future cluster aims to enable the production of numerous fine chemicals without fossil raw materials.

Plastikflaschen zum Recyceln
Plastic beverage bottles are disposed of via the deposit system or incinerated.

Making reusable plastic recyclable

Using a to-go food tray, partners from research and industry want to show that even reusable products made from sustainable plastics can be fully recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Schmetterling auf Butterblume
Butterflies are among the 41,500 species threatened worldwide.

Genome research to save biodiversity

Using state-of-the-art genomics methods, a new pan-European consortium aims to accelerate the mapping of global biodiversity and thus fundamentally change the understanding of biodiversity.

Normalerweise erfolgt der genetische Austausch von väterlichen und mütterlichen Eigenschaften über die ganze Länge eines Chromosoms. Durch das Invertieren des größten Teils (gelb) des Chromosoms mit Hilfe der molekularen Schere CRISPR/Cas kann dieser Austausch nun auf die beiden äußersten Enden beschränkt werden (violett und blau).
By inverting most (yellow) of the chromosome using CRISPR/Cas molecular scissors, genetic exchange could be restricted to the two extreme ends (purple and blue).

Inheriting good plant traits only

Using the molecular gene scissors CRISPR/Cas, researchers have succeeded in silencing chromosomes and thus preventing genetic exchange.