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Selbst an raue oder stark strukturierte Oberflächen legt sich seine flexible Hülle so passgenau an, dass sich das Silikonkissen auch bei starkem Druck nicht verschieben lässt.

Following the example of grasshopper feet, bionics researchers from Kiel have created an adaptive frictional system that adheres even to rough and uneven surfaces.

So sieht Lignin als Rohstoff aus (links) und so daraus erzeugtes Hartplastik (rechts).

Lignin is an attractive raw material for bioplastics. X-ray analyses have shown how the different molecular structures influence the properties of the biopolymer.

Forscher untersuchen, unter welchen Bedingungen Erbsen Soja als Futtermittel ersetzen können.

Animal feed must be high in protein, which is why soya is very well suited for this purpose. For ecological reasons, researchers are looking for domestic alternatives.


Biotechnologists from Halle and Berlin have produced an improved version of the genome editing tool CRISPR-Cas9. The gene scissors make fewer mistakes in cutting.

Die richtige Saatgutbehandlung soll Kartoffeln auf dem Feld widerstandsfähiger machen.

In order to make potatoes more resistant, researchers want to coat the seeds of the nightshade plants with beneficial fungi and thus help them grow.

Keimlinge sprießen aus dem Boden.

At the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, scientists have compiled 15,000 metagenome data sets from soil samples of various origins according to uniform standards.

Fermentierter Maisbrei (Akassa) verpackt in Blätter der Pflanze Thalia welwitschii.

In the search for alternatives to plastic, researchers want to further develop packaging made of banana leaves and water hyacinths to better protect food.

Die Ecobites schmecken nach Kakao oder Curry - und sind eine nachhaltige Alternative zum Einwegbesteck.

Eat the silverware instead of throwing it away: This idea is being pursued by the start-up Frenvi, which wants to offer an alternative to disposable plastic cutlery with its edible spoons.

Wissenschaftler am LIKAT wollen die künstliche Photosynthese besser verstehen.

Rostock chemists use the concept of artificial photosynthesis to produce high-quality hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide.


If we were to modify the metabolism of plants, they could bind up to five times more carbon dioxide than is currently the case. Bioinformaticians from Würzburg have run a simulation.


With the help of a new process, researchers at the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis in Rostock extract pentylene glycol, which is important for cosmetics, from bagasse, residual materials from the sugar cane industry.

Künstliche Zellen mit Kompartimenten. Magenta kennzeichnet die Lipidmembran, Cyan die fluoreszenzmarkierten membranfreien Unterkompartimente.

Max Planck researchers have created a synthetic cell that enables biochemical reactions and reacts to environmental influences.

Der Querschnitt einer wenige Mikrometer dicken Mehrlagenfolie zeigt, dass für Lebensmittelverpackungen meist unterschiedliche Materialien kombiniert werden.

Partners from research and industry want to develop multilayer packaging materials based on chitosan and at the same time work out a corresponding method for quality control.

Leuna Chemiepark

Big news for the Leuna chemical site: The Finnish group UPM is investing EUR 550 million in an industrial biorefinery. The plant will produce green chemicals from wood.

Altes Pommesfett kann ein wertvoller Rohstoff sein.

Hamburg researchers are developing biodiesel without sulfur and nitrogen from french fry fat and electrolysis hydrogen.

In Aquakulturen wie dieser Austernfarm wird häufig Phosphor zugesetzt, der größtenteils im Wasser verbleibt.

Overfertilization in fish farming pose a serious threat to ecosystems and food security, researchers find.

Lichtmikroskopische Aufnahme von Mrakia fibulata sp. nov.

Braunschweig researchers have discovered a new species of cold-loving yeasts in tree sap.

Fraßschäden an Nutzpflanzen können durch Pheromone vermieden werden.

Pheromones are an effective weapon against plant pests, but their production is expensive. A European research team now wants to produce these messenger substances through biotechnology.

Eislöffel aus Bioplastik

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is growing: by 2024 this will lead to a global increase in bioplastics production of more than 15%, a recent market analysis by European Bioplastics shows.


Poinsettias are not only beautiful to look at but also robust. Growers are constantly creating new color variations of the popular decorative plant.

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