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verschiedene in Folie verpackte Lebensmittel
The biomaterial developed by traceless consists of agricultural residues and is completely biodegradable.

Start-up Traceless Materials nominated for German Founder Award

The finalists for the German Founder Award 2022 have been determined: Among the nominees is the Hamburg-based bioeconomy startup Traceless Materials with its biomaterial made from agricultural residues.

Nahaufnahme von Mistelbeeren, die klebrigen Samen beinhalten
Close up of mistletoe berries containing sticky seeds

Super glue from mistletoe berries

They are white, round and extremely sticky: the fruits of the white berry mistletoe. In the search for a bioadhesive, they have now become the focus of scientific attention.

A pilot plant in Bavaria is to produce hydrogen from biogas from 2025.

Generate hydrogen from biogas

A pilot plant for the production of hydrogen from biogas is being built in Bavaria as part of an EU project. The project is being funded with nearly 10 million euros.

Sate-Spieße aus Kulturfleisch
With TiNDLE, the start-up Gen Next Foods now wants to conquer vegan cuisine in Germany.

Chicken substitute from soy for restaurants

A soy-based meat alternative developed by the start-up Next Gen Foods has now reached restaurants in Germany.

metallischer Kubus als Methanreaktor
This is what the reactor for catalytic methanation of CO2 looks like, which already has 50 kW of nominal power.

Biogas without carbon dioxide emissions

A new process will use green hydrogen to convert CO2 produced during biogas production into methane.

alter Brauereikessel
Breweries have been using yeast cells to produce beer for hundreds of years. Researchers have now developed a method to identify those yeast cells that are particularly productive.

Measure metabolism of individual cells

Microbial cell factories are important tools of the bioeconomy. Now researchers can identify the best among equals.

Biertreber, ein Nebenprodukt der Bierbrauerei, kann zum Brotbacken genutzt werden: in getrockneter, geschroteter Form oder als Mehl.
Brewer's grains, a by-product of brewing, can be used for baking bread: in dried, ground form or as flour.

Brewer's grains as a flour substitute for bread and veggie burgers

Saarbrücken researchers show the potential that spent grain could have for healthy and sustainable food production in the sense of a circular economy.

Bundesforschungsministerin unterzeichnet Vertrag zur Bioökonomie-Forschung
An agreement reached to strengthen bioeconomy research: Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger and Cameron Dick (Queensland State Minister).

Bioeconomy research alliance with Australia

Germany and the Australian state of Queensland want to cooperate more in the future on green hydrogen - and in bioeconomy research.

Ein Forscher sichtet Grubenschlamm.
Martin Bertau of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg sighting the slurry at the Rote Graben.

Climate-friendly cement from mining sludge

A new recycling process cleans mine water and sludge from toxins and recovers contained valuable materials.

Gebäude der Universität Frankfurt
A research team at Goethe University Frankfurt has developed a bacterial hydrogen storage system.

Biobattery as a green hydrogen storage system

Specially adapted bacteria enable the energy carrier to be bound and released again in a controlled manner.

Hauptgebäude der Universität Hannover
Leibniz University Hannover coordinates the DECADES research project.

Solvents are to become greener

An international research project is seeking sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Ausschnitt eines Photobioreaktors
Cyanobacteria that produce the enzyme furanolide synthase grow in this photobioreactor at the TU Dresden.

New enzyme class for natural product synthesis discovered

A recently discovered enzyme from cyanobacteria opens up new options for biotechnology.

bunte Zucchini
Eating more vegetables is not enough to make the food system sustainable.

Food system: Only growth is not enough

A combination of dietary change and emissions pricing would make the food system more sustainable, concludes a study by the Potsdam Institute.

Der Anteil von Biogas bei der Gasversorgung liegt bundesweit bei etwa 9%.
The share of biogas in gas supply nationwide is about 9%.

Mobilize sustainable biomass for gas production

In a position paper, the German Biomass Research Center explains why Russian natural gas can only be replaced by biogas to a limited extent - and makes recommendations for future biogas policy.

Baden-Württembergs Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann, Landwirt Hubert Bernhard und Prof. Andreas Bett, Leiter des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Solare Energiesysteme, weihten die Agri-Photovoltaikanlage in Kressbronn ein.
Baden-Wuerttemberg's Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, farmer Hubert Bernhard and Prof. Dr. Andreas Bett, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, inaugurated the agri-photovoltaic plant in Kressbronn.

With agri-voltaics to sustainable fruit cultivation

The cultivation of pome and soft fruit under photovoltaic systems is being tested in a large-scale trial at five locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Bog in Arkhangelsk region

Wetland ecosystems are important carbon stores

A new study underscores the importance of protecting peatlands and similar areas for climate protection.

Produktionsanlage der Südzucker AG in Offstein
Produktionsanlage der Südzucker AG in Offstein

Südzucker subsidiary plans new protein factory

To expand its portfolio of vegetable proteins, Südzucker subsidiary Beneo plans to build a production facility for protein concentrate from field beans.

Junge Rinder auf einer Weide
Cattle farming is a major contributor to global deforestation and the greenhouse effect.

Microbial protein as a beef alternative

If meat consumption were reduced by one-fifth, deforestation would be cut in half and fewer greenhouse gases would be produced.

The PlanB start-up competition has been held every two years since 2014.

Looking for startups with green business ideas

The start-up competition "PlanB - Biobased.Business.Bayern" is entering its fifth round. As of now, start-ups with their innovative bioeconomy business ideas can again apply for funding.

Pappelblatt mit Flecken durch Pilzbefall
This black poplar is affected by rust fungus.

Poplars show more effective defence than expected

Two important plant hormones intensify each other's effect. The opposite is the case with annual plant species.