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Scientific advisors and a WTO-committee are urging European legislators to revise their verdict regarding GMOs to reflect current scientific knowledge and protect EU trade relations.



Certain protein fragments give cheese, beer, soy and the likes their characteristic taste. Munich biochemists have developed a new method to identify these fragments.  


In early November, international experts from Ghana, Colombia and Germany gathered in Berlin to discuss the state of the implementation of the sustainable development goals.


Essen-based specialty chemicals company Evonik invests in British start-up OPTIfarm, which aims to improve poultry production via digitalisation.


Coastal researchers at the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht have developed a statistical method with which cod stocks in the Barents Sea can be predicted more accurately.


Environmental contamination due to plastic waste is enormous. Nuremberg researchers are developing bio-based and biodegradable plastics to put an end to this.


The fourth gene technology report by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities has been published. The authors urge to rethink the regulation of CRISPR-Cas products.


More than 500 bioeconomy experts from policy, industry and research joined a conference in Brussels organised by the European Commission to discuss the new European bioeconomy strategy.

An Tabakpflanzen in der Klimakammer messen Forscher deren Lachgasausstoß.

Nitrous oxide emissions by plants are larger than previously thought. Though a natural process, it should be included in climate change models, say researchers from Heidelberg and Bingen.


An assessment by the Federal Environment Agency with the participation of Fraunhofer researchers states: Even biodegradable plastics remain in the environment for months.

Für Pflanzenzüchter ist es wichtig zu wissen, ob Pflanzen anfälliger für Hitze oder Dürre sind.

According to plant researcher at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), drought stresses arable crops more than heat and leads to higher crop losses.

Korallenriffe sind der Lebensraum vieler Meeresbewohner. Doch das marine Ökosystem ist gefährdet.

In its latest report, the IPCC has called for a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions in order to limit the risks posed by global warming to humans and nature.

In Berlin findet der erste globale politische Gipfel zur Bioökonomie statt. Die Organisatoren verbinden damit die Hoffnung, langfristig die internationale Abstimmung zur Bioökonomie zu verbessern.

The European Commission has announced an updated Bioeconomy Strategy containing an action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy for all of Europe. 


About 500 experts from 70 countries met in Berlin at the beginning of October for the 12th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection - IWCSPP2018.


For the first time, plant researchers have succeeded in using the CRISPR-Cas genome editing tool to breed a new crop from a wild tomato plant within just one generation.


The Technical University Berlin set up a start-up center for innovative ideas for a more sustainable economy. The advisory board includes high-ranking members from research and industry.


Researchers from Mainz have found out why the addition of inulin from dandelion changes the texture of food: The colder the mixture, the more it crystallizes.

Für den Wald ist Stress normal – die Zunahme der Störungen durch den Klimawandel hingegen nicht.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched its first funding measure towards the sustainable use of forest wood. This is part of the "Bioeconomy in the North" initiative.

European Investment Bank at sunset

The European Investment Bank has issued its pioneering Sustainability Awareness Bond, worth €500 million. High-impact water projects are the first to benefit from the funding.


How far has the implementation of the UN sustainability goals come? This and other questions were at the core of a Leibniz Association conference in Berlin in mid-September.

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