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Für den Wald ist Stress normal – die Zunahme der Störungen durch den Klimawandel hingegen nicht.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched its first funding measure towards the sustainable use of forest wood. This is part of the "Bioeconomy in the North" initiative.

European Investment Bank at sunset

The European Investment Bank has issued its pioneering Sustainability Awareness Bond, worth €500 million. High-impact water projects are the first to benefit from the funding.


How far has the implementation of the UN sustainability goals come? This and other questions were at the core of a Leibniz Association conference in Berlin in mid-September.


The German biotechnology company AMSilk is partnering with Airbus to develop novel biocomposite fibers for lightweight, high-performance planes that will require less fuel.


For the first time, researchers identified metabolites in above-ground parts of a plant that reveal its symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi. This will advance targeted breeding endeavors.


Iron is essential for plant growth and harvest yields. Now, researchers in Jena discovered a new iron transporter that significantly improves the productivity of plants.

Das Genome Editing ist ein vielversprechendes Werkzeug für Pflanzenzüchter. Aber die entstehenden Pflanzen sind nicht gentechnisch verändert, sagen Forscher.

Following the EU's decision to classify crops created by genome editing technologies as GMOs, the German Bioeconomy Council urges politicians to modernize genetic engineering laws.


An international research team managed to decipher the gigantic and complex wheat genome. The new information is hoped to help in breeding more yield-efficient wheat varities.


An international research team analysed the soil microbiome. Bacteria and fungi are constantly fighting for resources and fungi even produce antibiotics to gain an advantage.

Das klimaschädliche Kohlendioxid könnte bald schon als industrieller Rohstoff Karriere machen.

Munich biotechnologists have developed a highly efficient method to extract large amounts of the amino acid methionine from climate-damaging CO2.


Manufacturing carbon fibres from sustainable resources is expensive – until now. A researcher at TU Dresden develops new and efficient manufacturing processes.

Genome Editing-Verfahren wurden vom EuGH als Gentechnik eingestuft

The Court of Justice of the European Union declared that crops bred via the gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas are "GMOs" and are to be regulated as such.

Der von Mosa Meat 2013 vorgestellte erste Burger aus der Petrischale wird für den Marktauftritt vorbereitet.

The German pharma company Merck is investing in the development of cultured meat by the Dutch start-up Mosa Meat.


Before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decides on the regulation of genome-edited plants, environmental and industrial associations advocate their positions.

Basilikumanbau in der Aquaponik-Farm des Berliner Start-ups ECF Farmsystems.

The Aquaponic startup ECF Farmsystem gained a new investor: Since June, a Swiss investor group holds shares of the Berlin-based company.


39 Nobel Laureates and 600 young scientists across 84 different nations come together this week for the prestigious Lindau meeting. This year’s focus: medicine and physiology.


Munich food chemists found that ingredients such as citric acid and 6-gingerol from ginger stimulate the molecular defences in human saliva.


Researcher at Munich’s TU have developed a bio-based and biodegradable crop protection agent based on CBT-ol, a chemical in the leaf of the tobacco plant.


UK-based Green Biologics and German Kreussler Inc. have developed a bio-based dry cleaning solvent made from corn.

Mit dem Kauf von Monsanto wäre Bayer der weltgrößte Agrarchemie-Hersteller. In den Petrischalen lagert behandeltes Saatgut (Weizen, Zuckerrüben, Erbsen).

The mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto has overcome its last obstacle: The United States Department of Justice gave their conditional approval for the US$62.5 billion acquisition.

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