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With the help of a new process, researchers at the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis in Rostock extract pentylene glycol, which is important for cosmetics, from bagasse, residual materials from the sugar cane industry.

Künstliche Zellen mit Kompartimenten. Magenta kennzeichnet die Lipidmembran, Cyan die fluoreszenzmarkierten membranfreien Unterkompartimente.

Max Planck researchers have created a synthetic cell that enables biochemical reactions and reacts to environmental influences.

Der Querschnitt einer wenige Mikrometer dicken Mehrlagenfolie zeigt, dass für Lebensmittelverpackungen meist unterschiedliche Materialien kombiniert werden.

Partners from research and industry want to develop multilayer packaging materials based on chitosan and at the same time work out a corresponding method for quality control.

Leuna Chemiepark

Big news for the Leuna chemical site: The Finnish group UPM is investing EUR 550 million in an industrial biorefinery. The plant will produce green chemicals from wood.

Altes Pommesfett kann ein wertvoller Rohstoff sein.

Hamburg researchers are developing biodiesel without sulfur and nitrogen from french fry fat and electrolysis hydrogen.

In Aquakulturen wie dieser Austernfarm wird häufig Phosphor zugesetzt, der größtenteils im Wasser verbleibt.

Overfertilization in fish farming pose a serious threat to ecosystems and food security, researchers find.

Lichtmikroskopische Aufnahme von Mrakia fibulata sp. nov.

Braunschweig researchers have discovered a new species of cold-loving yeasts in tree sap.

Fraßschäden an Nutzpflanzen können durch Pheromone vermieden werden.

Pheromones are an effective weapon against plant pests, but their production is expensive. A European research team now wants to produce these messenger substances through biotechnology.

Eislöffel aus Bioplastik

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is growing: by 2024 this will lead to a global increase in bioplastics production of more than 15%, a recent market analysis by European Bioplastics shows.


Poinsettias are not only beautiful to look at but also robust. Growers are constantly creating new color variations of the popular decorative plant.

Die Tataren-Aster (Aster tataricus) enthält den Arzneistoff Astin nur, wenn sie den produzierenden Pilz C. asteris beherbergt.

The Tatarinow's aster is well-known for its medicinal properties. However, a recent study shows it is a special fungus which produces the sought-after active ingredient astin.

Eine Schädlingsraupe befällt die Blätter einer Süßkartoffel.

When insects attack, certain varieties of sweet potatoes release a fragrance that causes neighboring plants to start defending themselves.

Das Bakterium Escherichia coli – hier 10.000-fach vergrößert in einer Elektronenmikroskopie – kann so verändert werden, dass es Kohlendioxid als Kohlenstoffquelle nutzt.

Bioengineers have reprogrammed E. coli bacteria so that they can use CO2 as a carbon source.

Die Leopoldina hat gemeinsam mit der Union der Wissenschaftsakademien und der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft ein Positionspapier zur Genom-Editierung veröffentlicht.

Science academies and the German Research Foundation are urging EU legislators to reconsider the regulation for genetically modified organisms.

Mit dem Gehalt an Hydrogencarbonat ändert sich, welche Wasserpflanzen in einem See leben.

Aquatic plants that use hydrogen carbonate as a carbon source are increasingly displacing those that use carbon dioxide.

Die Fasern aus alten Handtüchern könnten künftig wieder zu neuen Handtüchern werden.

In the DiTex pilot project, a research team is focusing on recycling fabric fibers and on intelligent labels.


Clariant has secured access to a unique technology through a strategic partnership with Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT): The French company extracts certain plant ingredients from roots.

In der Jochalge Zygnema circumcarinatum fand das Forschungsteam ein Gen, das bei der Stressbewältigung eine Rolle spielen könnte

How land plants cope with stress is not primarily controlled by hormones. An international team of researchers found out that a gene set regulates the process right off the bat.


Not every bamboo coffee-to-go cup is suitable for hot food: Products made with synthetic resin release toxic substances, warns the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.

Taucher sammeln Blätter des Neptungrases (Posidonia oceanica) in der Bucht von Calvi auf Korsika.

Researchers have discovered a new source of antibiotics in the ocean. Planctomycetes are a marine phylum that has previously attracted little attention.

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