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Bacteria protect the eggs of the wool beetle from fungal attack. According to Mainz researchers, the bacteria obtained the mechanism through natural gene transfer - possibly even from marine organisms.

Feinstaub gefährdet nicht nur die Gesundheit der Menschen, sondern auch die Pflanzenwelt, wie Bonner Forscher beweisen.

Not only is fine dust unhealthy for humans, it also affects the vegetation: According to an international study, the particulate matter makes trees more susceptible to drought.

Der von Mosa Meat 2013 vorgestellte erste Burger aus der Petrischale wird für den Marktauftritt vorbereitet.

The German pharma company Merck is investing in the development of cultured meat by the Dutch start-up Mosa Meat.

Viele Menschen reagieren allergisch auf Erdbeeren und Tomaten, vor allem wenn sie auch unter einer Birkenpollenallergie leiden.

Munich natural product researchers have investigated and identified allergenic proteins in strawberries and tomatoes: The variety of fruit determines the allergy potential. 


Before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decides on the regulation of genome-edited plants, environmental and industrial associations advocate their positions.

In der Testwohnung finden sich Primärrohstoffe wie unbehandelte Weißtanne genauso wie neu entwickelte Baumaterialien und recycelte Wertstoffe.

Researchers from Karlsruhe have built an apartment near Zurich that consists exclusively of compostable and recyclable materials.

Basilikumanbau in der Aquaponik-Farm des Berliner Start-ups ECF Farmsystems.

The Aquaponic startup ECF Farmsystem gained a new investor: Since June, a Swiss investor group holds shares of the Berlin-based company.


39 Nobel Laureates and 600 young scientists across 84 different nations come together this week for the prestigious Lindau meeting. This year’s focus: medicine and physiology.


Munich food chemists found that ingredients such as citric acid and 6-gingerol from ginger stimulate the molecular defences in human saliva.


Researcher at Munich’s TU have developed a bio-based and biodegradable crop protection agent based on CBT-ol, a chemical in the leaf of the tobacco plant.


UK-based Green Biologics and German Kreussler Inc. have developed a bio-based dry cleaning solvent made from corn.

Mit dem Kauf von Monsanto wäre Bayer der weltgrößte Agrarchemie-Hersteller. In den Petrischalen lagert behandeltes Saatgut (Weizen, Zuckerrüben, Erbsen).

The mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto has overcome its last obstacle: The United States Department of Justice gave their conditional approval for the US$62.5 billion acquisition.


About 200 bioeconomy experts met in Cologne to discuss the newest developments regarding biomaterials.

Rasterelektronenmikroskop-Aufnahme der fertigen Faser.

Swedish researcher developed a new ultra-strong and bio-based material at Hamburgs DESY institute by transferring superior nanoscale mechanics to macroscopic fibres.

GO-Bio Förderinitiative -Startups der Bioökonomie auf Kapitalsuche

The start-up competition "PlanB- Biobased.Business.Bavaria" is entering its third round and is looking for innovative bioeconomy business-ideas.


Tobias Erb, scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg, received the Otto Bayer Award for his achievements regarding artificial photosynthesis.

Mit dem Programmdarlehen hofft die EIB auf knapp eine Mrd. Euro an privaten Investitionen für die Bioökonomie und Landwirtschaft.

The European Investment Bank launches a new financing initiative that allocates €400 million to support developments and investments across the agriculture and bioeconomy sector.


The first day of the Global Bioeconomy Summit was jam-packed with interesting plenary lectures, constructive workshops, and an awards ceremony for the best bioeconomy visualisations.

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

Federal research minister Anja Karliczek officially opened the Global Bioeconomy Summit. 800 international experts from politics, industry, and science joined the 2-day event in Berlin.

In Berlin findet der erste globale politische Gipfel zur Bioökonomie statt. Die Organisatoren verbinden damit die Hoffnung, langfristig die internationale Abstimmung zur Bioökonomie zu verbessern.

Starting today, Berlin will be the major hub for 800 international bioeconomy experts: The 2nd GBS will start tonight with a reception at the Federal Ministry of Research and Education.

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