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Das Enzym MHETase zerlegt PET-Flaschen in ihre chemischen Bausteine

Biological plastics recycling: Of enzymes and cycles

Producing new, high-quality plastics from plastic waste - not only chemistry but also biotechnology offers promising recycling approaches for this. This dossier explores how enzymes help degrade polymers and how bio-based plastics can be optimized for the circular economy.

Bioreaktoren Versuchsreihe

Precision fermentation: Tailor-made bioproduction

New molecular tools, modern bioprocessing technology and powerful IT are enabling the biotechnology industry to tailor-make biomolecules with interesting properties. This dossier presents the emerging field of precision fermentation.

Introbild Biowasserstoff Dossier

Biohydrogen: sources and research approaches

Green hydrogen is considered a crucial element of the energy transition. So far, the gas has been produced mainly by electrolysis, a process that consumes considerable amounts of electricity. However, there are promising bio-based approaches to hydrogen production in which algae and bacteria play an important role. This dossier presents current research approaches.

Die Innovationsräume Bioökonomie sind Netzwerke

The Bioeconomy Innovation Spaces

On the way to a biobased and climate-neutral economy, new value chains are emerging. With the Bioeconomy Innovation Spaces ("Innovationsräume Bioökonomie"), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding four large networks that aim to bring innovative approaches for the biobased economy into application more quickly. A portrait of the four Bioeconomy Innovation Spaces.

Vegane Fleischersatzprodukte
A selection of vegetarian meat substitutes

Plant-based meat substitutes - products with future potential

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives to sausage and meat are booming and have hit the middle of society. This dossier looks at the plant-based alternatives. It presents the most important resources and meat substitute products, market development, economic players and relevant funding projects.

Biotechnologie 2020+

Initiative Biotechnology 2020+

Paving the way for the next generation of biotechnological processes: Ten years ago, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) launched the "Biotechnology 2020+" initiative together with major research organisations and universities. A lot has happened since: In the course of numerous congresses, expert discussions and more than a hundred funding projects, players in Germany have set the technological course for the industrial biotechnology of the future. A compact review.

Übersicht Forschungseinrichtungen zur Bioökonomie in Deutschland

2019 Research Survey on the Bioeconomy

In Germany, almost 800 research institutions in the natural sciences and humanities deal with the bioeconomy. Every two years, contacts these research institutes and asks them about their priorities regarding R&D, their raw materials, industrial applications, financing and number of employees. In addition to the data collected, this year six bioeconomy experts were interviewed about their assessments of the local research landscape.