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Nadja Henke

Bacteria as pigment factories

Systems biologist Nadja Alina Henke uses bacteria as cell factories to produce the red pigment astaxanthin. Now, the 28-year-old hopes to bring the process to market with her start-up company Bicomer.

Pflanzenphytomediziner Andreas von Tiedemann

The plant doctor

The Göttingen agricultural scientist Andreas von Tiedemann is researching plant diseases in order to eliminate fungal pathogens threatening our crops.

Harald Luksch

Deciphering neural networks

Munich neurobionics expert Harald Luksch is investigating the sense of orientation in animals and using this knowledge to develop algorithms for robotics.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kruse

An on-farm biorefinery

Andrea Kruse wants to promote the material use of biomass. The chemist from Hohenheim hopes to establish a biorefinery on the farm in order to produce basic chemicals from plant feedstocks.

Deciphering complex relationships

In Kiel, Ruth Delzeit uses models that depict complex economic and environmental relationships to lay the foundations for important political decisions.

Bauingenieur Wolfram Schmidt

The concrete mixer

Civil engineer Wolfram Schmidt aims to make concrete a more sustainable building material. Together with African partners, he has developed a bio-concrete based on manioc shells and other agricultural residues. For this achievement, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has awarded him an innovation prize.

Paper and cardboard made of grass

Uwe D'Agnone is committed to a sustainable and resource-efficient industry and is breaking new ground with his grass-based paper and packaging.

Christian Griebler, Kommissarischer Leiter des Instituts für Grundwasserökologie (IGOE), Helmholtz-Zentrum München

Understanding and protecting the groundwater ecosystem

We all make use of the groundwater, yet only few of us notice it as an ecosystem. Munich biologist Christian Griebler is working to change this perception.

Landwirt Robert Hagemann hat mit seinem Handy das Büro immer dabei.

Farming in the digital age

The Brandenburg farmer Robert Hagemann always has his office with him, albeit on his smartphone. These and other digital assistants facilitate his work out in the fields, in the stables or at the biogas plant.

Eduardo Gordillo ist Gründer von Bio-lutions

Turning waste into packaging "gold"

For Eduardo Gordillo, vegetable waste represents the ideal raw material for packaging and disposable tableware. His Hamburg-based start-up Bio-lutions turns agricultural waste into biodegradable moulded fibre products. The multi award-winning material can be produced with minimal technical effort, anywhere in the world.