Pilotanlage in Dänemark

Electrochaea raises 36 million euros

Using microbial electrochemical cells, the young company produces climate-neutral methane from CO2 and green hydrogen.

Die Gründer Jonas Heuer, Max Webers, Philipp Arbter und Tyll Utesch.

Yeast replaces palm oil

Hamburg-based start-up COLIPI gets support from the EXIST funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protectionfor the development of a climate-friendly palm oil alternative.

In der vorkommerziellen Produktionsanlage in Straubing hat Clariant Chinaschilf enzymatisch zu Bioethanol verarbeitet.

Industrial bioeconomy: Bavaria invests in scale-up plants

With a new funding program, Bavaria is supporting companies in setting up bioeconomy production plants on an industrial scale.

20.000-fache Vergrößerung der Bäckerhefe

Baker's yeast is Microbe of the Year 2022

The multi-talent of modern biotechnology has been used by humans for thousands of years.


EU Accelerator funds three bioeconomy start-ups

Around 30 million euros will go to BIOWEG, CO2BioClean and Genome Biologics to research and grow.

Success stories

Researcher Profiles

Nadja Henke

Bacteria as pigment factories

Systems biologist Nadja Alina Henke uses bacteria as cell factories to produce the red pigment astaxanthin. Now, the 28-year-old hopes to bring the process to market with her start-up company Bicomer.

Pflanzenphytomediziner Andreas von Tiedemann

The plant doctor

The Göttingen agricultural scientist Andreas von Tiedemann is researching plant diseases in order to eliminate fungal pathogens threatening our crops.


Research Map

In our research map you will find more than 800 research institutions in Germany dealing with topics relevant to the bioeconomy.

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