livMats Pavillon: Außenansicht

Premiere for pavilion made of flax fibers

Inspired by nature and built with natural fibers: the pavilion in the Botanical Garden of the University of Freiburg shows what sustainable building can look like.

Smart-Spraying-Maschine im Einsatz auf einem Acker.

Smart farming cooperation clears antitrust hurdles

Bosch and BASF develop Smart Spraying solution to automatically detect and control weeds.

Cremedose mit Blume

BASF: New biopolymers for skin care products

BASF has developed a new biopolymer from the konjac plant tuber to replace synthetic ingredients in cosmetic products.

Elastinbasierte Proteinschwämme imitieren die Eigenschaften der Haut und sind durch ihr hohes Quellvermögen sehr gut für die Behandlung tiefer Wunden geeignet.

Biobased wound dressing awarded a prize

A Fraunhofer IMWS research team has been awarded the Halle IQ Innovation Prize for the development of a wound dressing made of natural elastin.

Zerkleinerte Teppichabfälle, die anschließend gereinigt und mit ionischem Liquid versetzt werden.

Recycling raw materials from carpet waste

By using a novel solvent, the petroleum-based raw material polypropylene could be recovered from carpet waste for the first time - and in the highest quality.

Success stories

Researcher Profiles

Nadja Henke

Bacteria as pigment factories

Systems biologist Nadja Alina Henke uses bacteria as cell factories to produce the red pigment astaxanthin. Now, the 28-year-old hopes to bring the process to market with her start-up company Bicomer.

Pflanzenphytomediziner Andreas von Tiedemann

The plant doctor

The Göttingen agricultural scientist Andreas von Tiedemann is researching plant diseases in order to eliminate fungal pathogens threatening our crops.


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