Eine Filmkamera vor einer Wand mit dem GFFA-Logo

GFFA: World Food in Times of Pandemic and Climate Change

At the virtual Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), experts from all over the world are currently discussing resilient food systems in times of pandemic and climate change.

Biochemiker Peter H. Seeberger in seinem Potsdamer Labor

Chemistry prize for sustainable drug production

Potsdam biochemist Peter Seeberger has been awarded the International Green Chemistry Prize for the production of a particularly sustainable and cost-effective antimalarial agent.

Sportschuhe auf einer Wiese

Mushroom threads as a leather substitute

In 2021, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas will launch shoes using a fabric made of mushroom threads instead of leather.

bioö in neuem Look

New design for bioö

The information portal bioö has a new look! Cleaner, more visual and technically up-to-date – our website has been given a new, elegant design.


Toward better hybrid varieties

Genetic information from seed banks can help better equip today's arable crops for climate change.

Success stories

Researcher Profiles

Nadja Henke

Bacteria as pigment factories

Systems biologist Nadja Alina Henke uses bacteria as cell factories to produce the red pigment astaxanthin. Now, the 28-year-old hopes to bring the process to market with her start-up company Bicomer.

Pflanzenphytomediziner Andreas von Tiedemann

The plant doctor

The Göttingen agricultural scientist Andreas von Tiedemann is researching plant diseases in order to eliminate fungal pathogens threatening our crops.


Research Map

In our research map you will find more than 800 research institutions in Germany dealing with topics relevant to the bioeconomy.

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