Zwei Männer in Laborkittel und Laborumgebung

Better understanding of the natural function of CRISPR

Gene scissors are an important tool in genome editing, but they originated in the battle between bacteria and phages.

Keimlinge sprießen aus dem Boden.

Keimlinge sprießen aus dem Boden.

DFG funds microbial and plant research

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is funding 13 new collaborative research centers at universities with a total of 166 million euros - including two on the bioeconomy.

Kücken werden mit hochwertigen Proteinen gefüttert

Protein feed from on-farm biorefinery

Researchers at the University of Hohenheim want to make proteins from plants from meadows and pastures usable for the bioeconomy. A protein extract for animal feed has already been obtained.

Die vertikalen Begrünungssysteme sind flexibel und modular einsetzbar.

Vertical greening for climate-friendly cities

A flexible vertical greening system developed by Fraunhofer researchers has reached market maturity after years of research.

Modellform der Theaterdekoration aus dem mycelbasierten Verbundstoff

Premiere for stage design from mushroom mycelium

Researchers at TU Dresden work on sustainable stage design made of a composite material with fungal mycelium. The corresponding premiere is at the beginning of December in Munich.

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