Anyone who loves fish can now leave it in the ocean and go for a slightly different salmon - made from pea protein instead of fish, 3D printed instead of caught.



Renewable resource:
Peas, algae extracts and vegetable oil

Participating companies:
Rewo Foods

Bioeconomy factor:
Plant-based fish alternative

On the market

viele grüne Erbsen

Not only in terms of taste, but also nutrients, the salmon alternative made from pea protein, algae extracts and vegetable oils is said to keep up with its animal counterpart: Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins D and B12, but free of heavy metals and toxic waste. Because instead of being caught on a fishing rod, this salmon comes from the 3D printer in the Vienna office.

Plant-based fish for the benefit of people and nature

Around the world, fish stocks are being fished faster than they can regenerate - and this overfishing of the oceans has far-reaching consequences for animals and humans, the environment and the economy. Compared to salmon fishing, the production of the plant-based salmon alternative emits less CO2, uses less water, and saves not only the fish but also the marine environment. On the bagel to the sushi roll, the salmon produced sustainably in Europe and without soy and allergens can be enjoyed without any worries.

Market readiness

Revo Salmon became the company's first product on the market in November 2021 - and is already available in more than 14 countries.