Straw, in former times hats were made out of it as well as baskets or drinking-straws. It is still used for insulation in house building. Recently it has also been used for cleaning agents.


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Werner & Mertz | Clariant

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Bioethanol from domestic straw, short transport distances

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Straw to alcohol

Alcohol has fat and dirt dissolving properties, therefore it is particularly well suited as an additive to cleaners. In cooperation with the chemical company Clariant, the family-owned company Werner & Mertz, known for its ecological and environmentally friendly “Frosch”-products has tested the use of bioethanol based on straw in washing and cleaning agents. 

Innovative sunliquid® process

In Straubing, Clariant operates a biofuel plant for second generation biofuels. Using the specially developed sunliquid® process lignocellulosic wheat straw and other field waste are almost completely converted into bioethanol. Clariant produces about 1,000 tons of bioethanol annually in this multi-stage process. A portion of this bioethanol is used in the  multi-surface cleaner from Werner & Mertz.

Ready for the market

According to the manufacturer the multi-surface cleaner with Clariant sunliquid® bioethanol, obtained from local straw, cleans all smooth surfaces and is available in common stores.