Car tyres

Car tyres

The Russian dandelion grows in Germany in areas that are unsuitable for farming. Unlike the rubber tree, which grows in subtropical regions, the increasing demand without vegetation clearance or conversion of farmland can be met. 



Renewable resource:
Russian dandelion

Participating company:

Bioeconomy factor: 
Meets the growing demand for rubber without clearing or conversion of grassland, shorter transport distances

Test phase


From a wild to an agricultural crop

With the help of modern breeding procedures, researchers from the Fraunhofer Society have transformed the dandelion from a wild plant into an agricultural crop, which is robust and high yielding. Together with the tyre company Continental, a pilot plant for the production of dandelion-based rubber has been set up in Germany. The sap from the dandelion roots is extracted from this pilot plant.

Ready for the market

The first winter test tyres have already been made. Road tests are currently being carried out. All of which have been successful to date.

Weak points

Relatively high price/not cost-effective