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The residents of these high-rise buildings are not your usual inner city residents – tomatoes grow on the fifth floor, herbs and cucumbers on the third. This is how engineers from the German Center for Aerospace (DLR) in Bremen imagine agriculture of the future.

Insgesamt 31,5 Millionen Euro sammelt die Brain AG in Zwingenberg mit ihrem Börsengang ein.

Hessen-based company Brain AG has almost made the jump from technology startup to listed company, in spite of recent turbulence on the stock market.


Lithium-ion batteries are the energy source for many electronic devices. But the alkaline material is expensive and its extraction is damaging to the environment. A much more environment friendly and cost effective alternative, however, are sodium-ion batteries.

Die Internationale Grüne Woche in Berlin ist derzeit wieder das Mekka für Freunde landwirtschaftlicher Produkte aus aller Welt. Es geht aber nicht nur ums Essen - sondern auch um Werkstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.

The International Green Week is once again in full swing. From 15th to 24th January the exhibition halls below the Berlin Radio Tower are dedicated to everything to do with agriculture, nutrition and horticulture.

Die Entschlüsselung des Weizengenoms wird die Entwicklung neuer ertragreicher  Sorten vorantreiben.

After rice, wheat and maize are the most important food crops worldwide. But climate change threatens the harvest and consequently the global food production for a growing world population.

Wechsel an der Spitze: Technologievorstand Jürgen Eck übernimmt die Geschäftsführung von Holger Zinke.

The Hessen town of Zwingenberg has been one of the main locations of German industrial biotechnology. Originally a technology start-up, today Brain AG has grown into a corporation of six companies with 240 employees.


Phosphate is not just a vital element for humans, in addition to nitrogen, the mineral is one of the most important plant nutrients. Since Germany does not have its own natural resources, the raw material has to be imported in large quantities from abroad where it is extracted from mines.

Das Skelett der Alge Lessonia nigrescens (im Bild) hat sich als idealer Nährboden für die Vermehrung von pluripotenten Stammzellen gezeigt.

Algae are a rich source of valuable substances, which are prized in both the pharma and cosmetic industries. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye with the microscopic organism: their supporting skeletal structure is made from a substance called alginate.


Healthy nutrients are found in many fruits and vegetables, but vast quantities must be consumed to achieve an efficient dose of the natural compounds because they are often low-concentrated in plants.

Rund 700 Gäste aus 82 Nationen nahmen am ersten Weltgipfel der Bioökonomie in Berlin teil.

At the Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin, about 700 participants from 82 nations set themselves the goal of increasing the involvement of the bioeconomy in sustainable development and the battle against climate change.

An Pilotanlagen wie dieser im Fraunhofer-Forschungszentrum CBP in Leuna hat das EU-Konsortium die Herstellung von Plattformchemikalien aus Biomasse erprobt.

Bioplastics may be biobased, but they are not necessarily environmentally friendly. In addition, the basic chemical building blocks for bioplastic production are still mostly produced from the starchy fruits of agricultural crops.

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