Start-up Traceless Materials nominated for German Founder Award

Start-up Traceless Materials nominated for German Founder Award

The finalists for the German Founder Award 2022 have been determined: Among the nominees is the Hamburg-based bioeconomy startup Traceless Materials with its biomaterial made from agricultural residues.

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The biomaterial developed by traceless consists of agricultural residues and is completely biodegradable.

For decades, the German Founder Award has been promoting entrepreneurial achievements and business ideas that are particularly capable of meeting the challenges of the future and sustainably changing entire industries. The award, which was established in 1997, is presented annually in the categories Student, StartUp, Newcomer and Lifetime Achievement. The jury has now once again selected founders whose business models challenge traditional methods. This year's winners include the bioeconomy start-up Traceless Materials. The Hamburg-based start-up around the two founders Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare was nominated as one of three finalists in the StartUp category for the German Founder Award (Deutschen Gründerpreis).

A dream comes true

An expert jury of 300 representatives from companies, technology centers, ministries, start-up initiatives and the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe selected the finalists. "Traceless makes a dream come true: A biological waste product is processed in an environmentally friendly way and replaces a problem product," the jury's statement reads.

Biomaterial completely compostable

The start-up, which was only founded in 2020, has developed a new type of biomaterial that can be processed and used like plastic and is completely compostable in the environment. The raw material is agricultural residues that are biodegradable in a short time and are particularly suitable for packaging and disposable products. The company's mission: traceless wants to use the innovative biomaterial to fight global plastic pollution. Last year, the team received a million-euro grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC), enabling it to further expand production of the innovative biomaterial.

The nomination for the German Founder Award 2022 is both confirmation and incentive for the young entrepreneurs. "We are glad that the disruptive potential of traceless is being seen; our technology is, after all, something completely new. By working with natural polymers - the 'plastic of nature', so to speak - our team is doing pioneering work in many respects," says Anne Lamp, CEO & co-founder of traceless, about the Deutscher Gründerpreis nomination. "With the goal of bringing traceless to market quickly, we have embarked on an ambitious journey. The fact that we are now getting recognition on the scale of the German Founder Award nomination for what we have already achieved with our team makes us insanely proud!" adds Johanna Baare, COO & co-founder of traceless.

Award ceremony on September 13

The German Founder Award is an initiative of Stern, Porsche, ZDF and Sparkassen and is awarded in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Members of the German Founder Award Board of Trustees will sponsor each finalist for a period of two years, making their know-how and experience available. In addition, the companies will receive media training at ZDF and access to the German Founder Award network. The award ceremony will take place on September 13, 2022, at ZDF's capital city studio in Berlin.