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Rinder auf der Wiese
When digesting their feed, cows emit methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Methane-reducing feed additives for livestock

As part of the ClimateCow project, researchers in Munich are developing a new type of feed additive for cattle in order to reduce the animals' methane emissions.

Biogasanlage in Wredenhagen (Mecklenburg-Vortpommern)
The conversion of biogas into synthesis gas would offer biogas operators new sales opportunities.

Sustainable production of synthesis gas from biogas

As part of the Biogasohol project, researchers from Rostock are working with Vietnamese partners to develop new catalysts and processes to convert carbon dioxide and methane from biogas into synthesis gas and make it usable for the chemical industry.

Die Sonnenblume ist äußerst anfällig gegen Krankheiten. Forscher wollen das ändern.
A special sunflower oil is used by researchers as a raw material to produce bio-based high-performance composites.

Bio-based plastic building blocks from domestic vegetable oil

Researchers in Bielefeld have developed an environmentally friendly process to produce bio-based polyurethanes for high-performance composites.

Feld mit unterschiedlichen Getreidepflanzen mit ähnlicher Wuchshöhe
Rye with genetic stalk shortening: The prototypes reach a growth height of normal-straw triticale (in the foreground left and right) and are significantly shorter than conventional rye (in the background).

Rye - the cereal of the future?

Breakthroughs in breeding could lead to a comeback for this overlooked crop - especially during the climate crisis.

Für Burger-Patties gibt es inzwischen einige pflanzliche Alternativen.

Where do meat alternatives stand in Germany?

A study has analyzed the innovation systems of insect, plant and cultured meat products.

Vier Männer und eine Frau stehen in Laborkitteln im Labor
Das Linopol-Projektteam erreichte alle Projektziele.

Polyamides and fragrances from thistle oil

The Linopol project has developed a process to produce polymer intermediates from biological sources.

Grünland in den Alpen
Grassland ecosystems are widespread in the Southern German Alps and in the Alpine foothills with a total area of more than one million hectares.

Sustainable management of grassland in the Alps

The BonaRes project SUSALPSII investigates how climate change in the Alps affects the productivity of grassland soils and how management can be changed in the future.

Häufchen aus dunkelgrünem Pulver
Dried chrysolaminarin was obtained from processed algal biomass.

Algae biotechnology: creating profitable processes

Fraunhofer researchers from Stuttgart and Leuna have investigated how valuable ingredients can be obtained in high yield from diatoms.

roh (rechts) und torrefizierte Hackschnitzel
Beechwood chips torrefied by superheated steam (left) have an increased calorific value compared to untreated chips (right) and are also water-repellent.

Producing basic chemicals with wood and hot steam

Researchers have further developed the process of torrefaction to improve the material and energy recovery of plant biomass.

Ausschnitt eines Reagenzglases mit klarer Flüssigkeit und dunklen Polymerscheiben
As discs, the polymers with the enzymes should also develop their function in nutrient solutions.

Heading for the new biotechnology?

Researchers want to replace the substrates sugar and alcohol with cheaper and sustainable hydrogen.

Chromatographische Systeme zur Analyse und Aufreinigung  enzymatisch produzierter Präbiotika.
Chromatographic systems for the analysis and purification of enzymatically produced prebiotics

Towards microbial prebiotic production

Researchers have developed a novel microbiological manufacturing process that can produce prebiotics and sweeteners sustainably and efficiently.

Rare earths are found in almost all electronic devices.

Recycling rare earths with peptides

In the PepTight project, researchers want to identify peptides that are able to filter special rare earths, known as lanthanides, from industrial water.

Papierschale gefüllt mit unterschiedlichem Obst
The project participants in the 3D-Thermocell project want to produce a shell like the one in this rendered image from cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol.

Thermoformable paper as a plastic substitute

Paper has a better recycling cycle than plastics. Researchers therefore want to develop a new paper-based packaging material.

Hügellandschaft mit Olivenanbau
Olive cultivation in Spain is one of the case studies in the Flumen research project.

Not everyone wants the bioeconomic transformation

A research project examines mentalities, their backgrounds and consequences regarding the ecological-social transformation.

Plakat mit 11 SDGs

Addressing the global trade-offs of bioenergy

In the BIOSDG joint project, a research team is investigating what contribution the bioeconomic transition can make to achieving the global sustainability goals.

Mehrfarbige Säule einer Affinitätschromatografie
Affinity chromatography is used to purify proteins, but it involves the use of heavy metal ions (here: nickel). The ProMin project has developed an environmentally and health-friendly alternative.

Protein production without heavy metal residues

A new purification process promises environmentally friendly extraction of proteins for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Just one example of what would not be possible without plasticizers.

The search for the perfect plasticizer

Many plastic and rubber products cannot do without plasticizers, but a bio-based alternative is not easy to develop.

Universalstreuer der Firma Bergmann, TSW 5210 W VSpread, im Einsatz bei SteenFOS.
Universal spreader of the company Bergmann in use for the project

Recycled fertilizer from manure and leaves

Researchers want to establish environmentally friendly fertilizer for agriculture from manure and leaves, thus offering farmers and municipalities a new source of income.

Wheat served as a raw material for phytic acid in the NPBioPhos project.

Phytic acid is biobased and surprisingly versatile

Originally, a research team was looking for a bio-based flame retardant - but they found much more.

Im Sinne der verbraucher wird der Selstar in einer umweltfreudlichen Verpackung aus Karton verkauft.
The Selstar is sold in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.

From Elstar to Selstar

Researchers have developed a selenium-rich apple that can replace dietary supplements.