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Worldwide strategies

Worldwide strategies

The bioeconomy is gaining ground all over the world. A large number of countries have now adopted bioeconomy strategies - with various focus areas. You can find them in the following overview.

Worldwide strategies

Die Flagge Neuseelands
New Zealand's bioeconomy is characterised by agriculture, the food industry and fishing - a bioenergy sector is developing.
Die Flagge Australiens
The export of primary products supports the economy of the world's sixth-largest state. In particular, its agricultural produce such as wheat, wool, meat and wine are known all over the world.
Die Flagge Uruguays
Building on a biotechnology strategy, the potential for bioeconomy is currently being explored in Uruguay.

Products in everyday life

adidas Laufschuhe aus  Biosteel-Faser
The demands on modern running shoes are high. They should be light and stable, tear-resistant and stretchy, even when wet.
T-Shirt aus Holzfasern
Wood has many different properties. There are obviously no limits to new ideas for products and areas of application. This is...
Entroster Rostlöser Rostentferner
Objects made of ferrous metals will develop rust over time, especially if they are not in constant use. Once rust has formed,...
Terrassendielen aus Gras von Biowert
Plastic is produced from meadow grass in a resource-conserving manner using a recirculation process. Sustainable and...

Analyses and statistics

Getreide Feld
Studies and statistics
The ‘Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL‘ and ‘IFOAM - Organics International‘ presented the latest edition of the study ‘The World of Organic Agriculture‘ at BIOFACH, the world's leading...
Mit der Gründung nationaler Infostellen soll weltweit die Nutzung nachhaltiger Kunststoffe vorangetrieben werden.
Studies and statistics
With an annual growth rate of 20.85%, the global market for bioplastics will grow from today's US$17 billion to nearly US$44 billion in 2022 over the next five years. 
Studies and statistics
The Earth Overshoot Day is the date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year.
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