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Analyses and statistics

In der dritten Ausgabe 2020 des TechnikRadar liegt der Schwerpunkt auf dem Thema „Bioökonomie“.
Studies and statistics
Since 2018, the TechnikRadar of acatech and the Körber Stiftung has been asking what Germans think about technology. In its third edition in 2020, the study focuses on the topic "Bioeconomy".
Meta-Analyse von Insektenbeständen
Studies and statistics
An analysis of worldwide long-term studies provides insights into the worldwide situation of insects and shows where their protection is most urgent.
Gefüllte Pasta
Studies and statistics
In order to make food consumption more sustainable, a research team led by the University of Göttingen has investigated the form in which algae are accepted as part of the diet.

Products in everyday life

Reinterpreting circular economy: A Zurich-based company brings plastic from the water into the water. This summer, one can bath...
Pflanztopf | Anzuchttopf aus Hanf
Finally, the time has come. The days are getting longer, the sunbeams warmer. Spring has arrived and the garden season begins....
Tasche aus Apfelleder
Leather is a material with excellent properties. Nevertheless, the purchase of leather goods is controversial, because leather...
Shopping at the fresh produce counter involves a lot of plastic waste: composite material made of paper and plastic film....

Worldwide strategies

Worldwide strategies

The bioeconomy is gaining ground all over the world. A large number of countries have now adopted bioeconomy strategies - with various focus areas. You can find them in the following overview.

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