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Dominic Frank, Geschäftsführer von Fairwindel

Making disposable nappies compostable

Chemist and Fairwindel founder Dominic Franck has found a way of manufacturing babies' nappies largely out of renewable raw materials.

Liquid wood conserves resources

Jürgen Pfitzer is one of the founders of Tecnaro GmbH, a company that is establishing liquid wood as a renewable alternative to plastic.

Milking it: Textiles made from casein

Hanover local Anke Domaske's QMilch has developed a natural fibre made from casein, a milk protein. Without any recourse to chemical processes, the qualified biologist and fashion designer spins dairy waste products to create the source material for her own fashion collection. In 2011, she founded her own company, QMilch, where she began to create clothing made from milk.