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Umsatz Bioökonomie 2016

nova-Institut (2019): European Bioeconomy in Figures

New figures show sustainable growth of the European bioeconomy. The 18.6 million people employed in the various sectors of the bioeconomy generate a turnover of 2.3 trillion euro. 

Die 17 UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziele

Bertelsmann Foundation (2019): Sustainable Development Report

In 2015, the international community made a joint commitment to contribute to better economic, ecological and social development by 2030. An interim balance is scheduled for September. 

Kleiderstange mit Kleidung

adelphi (2019): Circular Economy in the Textile Sector

The textile industry is considered to be one of the most environmentally damaging and resource-intensive sectors of the economy. How can this sector be made more sustainable?

Bremsspuren Stopschild

Fraunhofer-UMSICHT (2018): Plastics in the environment

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT), around 330,000 tons of microplastics are released into the environment every year in Germany alone - a good four kilograms per capita.

FAO-Studie zur Biodiversität (Titelbild)

FAO (2019): The State of the World’s Biodiversity

On 22 February 2019, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published the first report on the State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture.


nova-Institut (2019): Sugar Sustainability Study

A new study by the nova-Institut investigates the sustainability of biobased raw materials for the chemical industry, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Getreide Feld

FiBL and IFOAM (2018): The World of Organic Agriculture

The ‘Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL‘ and ‘IFOAM - Organics International‘ presented the latest edition of the study ‘The World of Organic Agriculture‘ at BIOFACH, the world's leading trade fair for organic food.

Mit der Gründung nationaler Infostellen soll weltweit die Nutzung nachhaltiger Kunststoffe vorangetrieben werden.

Research and Markets (2017): Global bioplastics market

With an annual growth rate of 20.85%, the global market for bioplastics will grow from today's US$17 billion to nearly US$44 billion in 2022 over the next five years. 

Blick auf den Planeten Erde

Global Footprint Network (2017): Earth Overshoot Day

The Earth Overshoot Day is the date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year.


Study (2017): Production, use, and fate of plastics

About 70 years ago, plastic became a mass product. 8.3 billion tons have been produced since then - the majority of which (79%) are stored on landfill sites or in the environment.


Study (2017): Global Wood Pellet Industry and Trade

A study conducted for the International Energy Agency (IEA) provides a comprehensive inventory regarding the wood pellet industry and the markets of more than 30 countries.


Biopolymers (2017) – Facts and Statistics

The study published by the Institute for Bioplastics and Bio-Compounds (IfBB) provides a comprehensive overview of current developments in the bioplastics sector.

BDBe (2017): High acceptance for biofuels made from field crops

A survey carried out by the Federal Association of the German Bioethanol Industry (BDBe) highlights the positive attitude of consumers towards the use of biofuels from field crops.

Riesenbausteine aus Bioplastik zusehen auf der "Grünen Woche" 2016 in Berlin

nova-Institut (2017): Market study on biobased polymers

Despite difficult market environment the worldwide production capacity for bio-based polymers has increased by 4% to 6.6 million tonnes compared to 2015. But the annually growth rate from 2012 to 2014 was even 10%.

EIO-Bericht zu Öko-Innovationen

EIO (2017): Policies and Practices for Eco-Innovation Uptake and Circular Economy Transition

The Eco-Innovation Observatory (EIO) is an EU-funded initiative be on the lookout for new eco-innovations and identify trends in this area.


CEPI (2016): Roadmap Bioeconomy

The European paper industry has unveiled a major investment agenda to drive towards its 2050 vision of a low-carbon, resource-efficient bioeconomy.

Forschung; Landwirtschaft

Nature (2016): Agricultural R&D is on the move

The geographical distribution of food and agricultural research and development (AgR&D) is changing.

nova-Institute (2016): Europe’s bioeconomy in figures

The bioeconomy employs 18.3 million people in total and generates a turnover of €2.1 trillion