acatech and Körber-Stiftung (2020): TechnikRadar

acatech and Körber-Stiftung (2020): TechnikRadar

Since 2018, the TechnikRadar of acatech and the Körber Stiftung has been asking what Germans think about technology. In its third edition in 2020, the study focuses on the topic "Bioeconomy".

Around 2,000 people were questioned about biobased economy in a representative survey last autumn. The conclusion: the majority of Germans are in favour of bio-economic change.

There was strong agreement on climate protection issues. However, only a third of those questioned were prepared to give up their cars, and only 40% would eat less meat to save the climate. An equally high proportion of respondents believed that the world's food supply could be secured by doing without meat. Only about 15% of the participants in the study are in favour of green genetic engineering.

A large majority (88.4%) argues for replacing conventional plastics with bio-economic products made from renewable resources. The opinion was also predominantly positive for biofuels. According to the survey, 76.8% think it makes sense to use biological waste and residual materials for fuels and to promote this development. However, only 42.1% could imagine a biofuel production plant in the immediate vicinity.

The results show: When it comes to protecting the climate and the environment, the majority of Germans have a clear position - at least as far as the objectives and general demands on politicians are concerned. When asked about concrete measures that directly affect people, the willingness to act consistently is much less pronounced.


What do Germans think about the bioeconomy? You can find out in detail here (in German only):