German Founder's Award for Traceless Materials

German Founder's Award for Traceless Materials

The Hamburg-based bioeconomy company has been awarded the German Founder's Award in the StartUp category for its development of a biomaterial from agricultural residues.

Preisverleihung Deutscher Gründerpreis 2022
The award ceremony traditionally takes place in the ZDF capital studio in Berlin.

The German Founders' Award is one of the most prestigious business prizes in Germany. Since 1997, the trophy has been used to promote entrepreneurial achievements and business ideas that are particularly capable of meeting the challenges of the future and sustainably changing entire industries. Plastic waste is one of these global problems. With the development of a biomaterial from agricultural residues that is fully compostable and can replace conventional plastic, the Hamburg-based start-up Traceless Materials convinced the jury of the German Founders' Prize. The award ceremony took place on September 13 in the ZDF capital studio in Berlin for the 20th time.

Traceless makes dreams come true

The German Founder's Award is given in the categories Student, StartUp, Up-and-Coming and Lifetime Achievement. The two Traceless founders, Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare, prevailed in the StartUp category from among three finalists. Traceless makes a dream come true, says the jury's statement. "The "traceless" granulate can be processed like plastic granulate, however, it is not made from petroleum, but from grain waste." The jury also recognized that Lamp and Baare were founding a company "that takes responsibility" and "that has a positive impact on the world."

Replace conventional plastic

Traceless uses a biological waste material and processes it further in an environmentally friendly way. The resulting bio-granulate can be easily made into films, coatings or even solid plastic parts, thus replacing conventional plastic in many areas without much effort.

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Further winners in sustainability

The winner in the category "Up-and-coming 'was osapiens from Mannheim. The trio of founders has developed a software solution that collects information along the entire value chain and thus creates the basis for sustainable supply chains. The company already serves 200 companies in 40 countries. Klaus Grohe, eco-pioneer and founder of the Black Forest sanitary company Grohe, was honored for his life's work. 

Back in June, the German Founder's Award for Schoolchildren was awarded to six young people from the Schloss Hansenberg boarding school in Geisenheim near Darmstadt for a concept for simple and climate-friendly charging of e-bikes.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the German Founders' Award will sponsor winners and finalists over a period of two years, providing them with know-how and their experience. In addition, the companies will receive media training at ZDF and access to the German Founders' Award network. The German Founders' Award is an initiative of stern, Porsche, ZDF and Sparkassen and is awarded in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.