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Nicolas Plumeré entwickelt günstige Katalysatoren als Alternative zu Edelmetallen.
Up until now, biocatalysts were short-lived. Bochum researchers have now developed a thin protective film that can make the hydrogenases last thousands of years.
Stickstoffdüngung ist wichtig, kann aber auch zu viel sein.
Too much nitrogen increases the protein content in wheat. But it also reduces the yield, a research team has found.
Bei 2900 °C werden am Fraunhofer IAP Bio-Fasern aus Cellulose graphitisiert. Sie erreichen die mechanischen Eigenschaften erdölbasierter Carbonfasern.
High-tech fibers made from renewable resources can be a real alternative to their petroleum counterparts, thanks to a new ultra-high-temperature process.
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The plant doctor

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Deciphering neural networks

Munich neurobionics expert Harald Luksch is investigating the sense of orientation in animals and using this knowledge to...

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