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Forschern ist es erstmals gelungen, pluripotente Stammzellen ohne Einschränkungen aus Schweinen zu gewinnen.
An international team of researchers has obtained a special variant of pluripotent stem cells from pigs. They hold potential for agriculture and medicine.
Bioplastik auf der Grünen Woche 2019
With a total of 8.4 million euros, the European Union is backing a project coordinated by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences that aims to initiate innovations in bioplastics production. 
Die Autoren des Prosit-Papers Mathias Wilhelm, Tobias Schmidt und Siegfried Gessulat forschen am Lehrstuhl für Proteomik und Bioanalytik der TU München.
Using artificial intelligence, researchers at TU Munich have improved protein analysis on the basis of mass spectrometry data.
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Deciphering neural networks

Munich neurobionics expert Harald Luksch is investigating the sense of orientation in animals and using this knowledge to...

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An on-farm biorefinery

Andrea Kruse wants to promote the material use of biomass. The chemist from Hohenheim hopes to establish a biorefinery on the...

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