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Awards for sustainable packaging

Among the winners of the German Packaging Awards 2017 are three manufacturers that have developed the best packaging in the category of "sustainability".

Biobased packaging, climate-neutral stand-up bags, and a novel surface structure for sealed bags won for best sustainable package.
dvi Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V.

Wasteful packaging has been a thorn in bioeconomy’s side for a long time. Especially food items that are packaged in layers of non-degradable plastic have caused resentments among environmentally conscious customers. The Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut (German Packaging Institute; dvi) supports sustainable packaging; it is a platform for information, insights und impulses regarding all packaging matters. It also aims to support the knowledge transfer and the dialogue between companies, institutions and partners. Its members come from all levels of the value chain. Since 2011 the dvi is holding a competition for the best packaging in several categories – sustainability being one of them. The German Packaging Award is held under the auspices of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Three winners for sustainable packaging

The winners of 2017 have just been announced. The panel and main jury awarded a total of 34 submissions in ten categories, and three winners in the sustainability category. The winners will be hosted at a Gala in Berlin on 26 September in the Humboldt Box in front of the Berlin City Palace. The three winners in the category sustainability are bio based packaging by BIO-LUTIONS International AG, climate-neutral stand-up bags manufactured by Wipak Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG, and CONSTANTIA CompresSeal manufactured by Constantia Flexibles International GmbH.

Banana stems, aluminium-free bags, and micro-embossing

BIO-LUTIONS has developed fibre packaging made from exclusively agricultural waste packaging such as banana stems, tomato plants, pineapple shrubs, or many other plant leftovers. The jury of the packaging awards was convinced by the use of regional agricultural waste, the local production, and the 100% biodegradability. The novel packaging was designed and developed BIO-LUTIONS founder Eduardo Gordillo together with its technology partner Zelfo.

The climate-neutral stand-up bags by Wipak Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG is completely aluminium-free and is made of digitally printed composite paper. The digital printing with paper from fsc-certified sources reduces energy consumption and uses water-based inks. The new bags require 30% less energy from fossil fuels compared to conventional bags and thus come with a 40% lower greenhouse potential. The jury was convinced by the intelligent material combinations, as well as the alternative materials and the new production and refining technologies.

Last but not least, Achim Grefenstein and Roman König developed a new surface structure for sealed edge bag films, which was manufactured by Constantia Flexibles International GmbH. Conventional manufacturing processes of these bags were often affected by climatic fluctuations or other external factors, which would significantly decrease the effectiveness of the process. The jury was convinced by the newly developed micro-embossing that reduces these interferences considerably, so that no additives are needed anymore. Moreover, up to 30% less of the required sealing layer material is needed.


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