Prof. Dr. Silvia-Vignolini

„Nature has always been an impetus for technical developments“

As director of the newly established Department of „Sustainable and Bio-inspired Materials“ at the MPIKG, Silvia Vignolini aims to research and develop materials with predominantly optical functions, following Nature`s example.

Researcher Profiles

Birgit Lewandowski

Networking for the bioeconomy

For Birgit Lewandowski, uniting technology and sustainability is a matter close to her heart. On the board of the Biotechnologie-Förderverein IBB, the landscape ecologist with Viennese charm wants to establish a strong network for the bioeconomy.

Nadja Henke

Bacteria as pigment factories

Systems biologist Nadja Alina Henke uses bacteria as cell factories to produce the red pigment astaxanthin. Now, the 28-year-old hopes to bring the process to market with her start-up company Bicomer.