Feld mit gelb blühenden Pflanzen und locker bewölktem blauem Himmel

New biocatalyst for medical agents

Researchers have optimized an enzyme that activates indole and indene to produce, for example, the precursor of an HIV protease inhibitor.

Regenwald, angrenzend an eine Ölpalmenplantage

Plant roots are more important for tropical soil life than assumed

Without contact with roots, one third fewer decomposers live in the soil. This is what biodiversity researchers from Germany found out during studies in tropical rainforests and plantations.

Hände in weißen Handschuhe halten hallte und dunkle Holzhackschnitzel

Thermochemical refinement of wood

Researchers from Fraunhofer IGB have developed a process for torrefaction of biomass. It is now being tested on a large scale to produce green chemicals and biochar.

Eine Rolle mit weißer Faser und ein Glasbecher mit weißen Perlen vor einer Produktionsanlage

CO2 as raw material for polyester fibers

A European research project aims to reduce fossil raw materials in the textile industry and make PET fibers recyclable.

Kunstrasenfläche mit weißer Seitenlinie und aufwirbelnden schwarzen Punkten

Artificial turf fields made from biobased materials

In Ellwangen, a sports field is being built with a playing surface made of biopolymers.

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