Ethanolanlage von Südzucker-Tochter CropEnergies in Zeitz

CropEnergies focuses on biobased chemicals

The first production plant for manufacturing renewable ethyl acetate from sustainable ethanol is to be built at the site of Südzucker subsidiary CropEnergies in Zeitz by 2025.

Preisträgerin des Nachwuchspreises des Berliner Wissenschaftspreises an Dr. Anja Maria Wagemans (Mitte) durch Berlins Regierenden Bürgermeister Kai Wegner (links)

Award for research on meat substitutes

Food technologist Anja Maria Wagemans from TU Berlin has been awarded the Young Scientist Award of the Berlin Science Award for her research into novel biomaterials.

weiße kleine Hohlzylinder aus geschäumtem Material

Starch based foam film

A research project aims to create an alternative to packaging materials made from fossil plastic.

Die Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin Dr. Bettina Hoffmann übergibt den beiden Gründerinnen Anne Lamp und Johanna Baare den Förderscheck des BUM

Million euro funding for traceless

Bioeconomy start-up traceless materials receives 5 million euros from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) to build a demonstration plant.

Seyma Celik, Anja Armstrong und Jennifer Boronowska mit Lutz Oelsner, Bundespatenbeauftragter 2023 und Präsident der Unternehmensverbände im Lande Bremen e. V.

Organic disposable bag made from hemp fibers impresses at the Jugend forscht competition

In the 58th national Jugend forscht competition, three students from Hesse won first prize in the "world of work" category with their development of a compostable disposable bag.

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