The future of agriculture in focus

The future of agriculture in focus

How can agriculture become sustainable? The Federal Cabinet has appointed a commission of experts to find solutions. An interim report should be available in autumn.

Monoculture or diversity on the field: agriculture must be made fit for the future.

Population growth and climate change pose major challenges for agriculture as a food and feed producer. In addition to food security, agriculture is already under pressure today to meet society's demands for greater animal welfare as well as environmental, nature and climate protection. An independent group of experts is now to find out how agriculture can become more sustainable. The "Zukunftskommision Landwirtschaft" set up by the Federal Cabinet at the beginning of July is faced with the task of drawing up recommendations for sustainable, economically viable, socially responsible and publicly accepted agriculture in Germany. 

Resolve conflicting goals

31 representatives from agriculture and trade, science, consumer protection as well as animal and environmental protection associations will discuss important future issues in the agricultural sector over the coming months. According to the Federal Government, their results should help to "resolve existing conflicting goals - for example between price awareness on the one hand and rising consumer expectations on the other". Chairman of the Zukunftskommision is Peter Strohschneider, former Chairman of the German Science Council and former President of the German Research Foundation.

Solutions for animal welfare, agricultural policy and environmental issues

The future of animal farming will be a key topic that the expert group will deal with. Animal welfare and animal health issues will also be discussed. Also on the agenda of the Future Commission: the shape of future agricultural policy, the economic viability of agriculture and environmental issues such as fertilisation, water and plant protection. In addition, strategies for adapting to the consequences of climate change and the contribution of agriculture to renewable energies will be discussed.

A first interim report of the Zukunftskommision is to be available as early as autumn. The final report will follow in the summer of next year.