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Bayer is funding sustainable farming

As part of their initiative Bayer ForwardFarming the pharma company is now funding their fifth sustainable farm – this time in the Netherlands.

Bayer is funding sustainable agriculture.
Bayer AG

Due to the ever-increasing world population, many have focussed on an effective food industry over the recent years. But climate change also affects and endangers farmland, creating an even bigger need for an effective and sustainable agriculture. The pharma company Bayer has been investing in sustainable agriculture towards securing enough food for everyone for some time now. As part of their initiative Bayer ForwardFarming they are now funding the fifth farm based on sustainable agriculture. At the same time the farm Het Groene Hart is also the first Dutch farm that is being funded by Bayer. Although the Netherlands are fairly small in size, their export performance is only second to the USA. Therefore, the Netherlands are the perfect place to implement novel tools for a sustainable and effective agriculture. In the future the network will be expanded to the whole of Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Economic success via sustainable farming

Het Groene Hart is a private farm in Abbenes, in the north of Holland. Throughout the cooperation and together with Bayer and other industry partners, the farm will focus on agricultural innovations. Jasper Roubous is heading the farm where they are growing potatoes, wheat, onions, and sugar beet on a total of 85 hectare. To do so he already relies on digital technologies such as precise GPS-based spray applications and many others. “I applied to Bayer’s ForwardFarming programme in order to demonstrate that economic success and responsible handling of the environment can work together”, says Roubos. “I have already had many constructive conversations with partners, farmers and municipal representatives on how to realize innovative ideas and make my farm even more sustainable.” Bayer’s ForwardFarming network provides several opportunities for practical applications, as well as the exchange and cooperation regarding culture solutions, product support, and new collaborations.

Damien Viollet, head of the Benelux region for the Crop Science division at Bayer, agrees that Roubos and Het Groene Hart are pioneers when it comes to sustainable agriculture: “Het Groene Hart is a role model for other farms nearby and worldwide.“

“We are proud to see what has already been achieved by Het Groene Hart, and will support the progress of sustainable agriculture for them and the entire ForwardFarming network” added Liam Condon, board member at Bayer AG and head of the Crop Science division.


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