Feldversuche in Thailand

Weatherproof protein-based insecticides

A German-Thai team is developing a biological pesticide that can withstand rain and heat. This means that certain insect larvae such as armyworms can be combated more effectively.

Blume mit violetten Blüten

A more sustainable painkiller

In the BigPharm project, researchers from Munich and Constance want to biotechnologically produce the cannabinoid delta-9-THC. In their search for enzymes for biosynthesis, they found what they were looking for in beard flowers and lichens.

Rinder auf der Wiese

Methane-reducing feed additives for livestock

As part of the ClimateCow project, researchers in Munich are developing a new type of feed additive for cattle in order to reduce the animals' methane emissions.

Biogasanlage in Wredenhagen (Mecklenburg-Vortpommern)

Sustainable production of synthesis gas from biogas

As part of the Biogasohol project, researchers from Rostock are working with Vietnamese partners to develop new catalysts and processes to convert carbon dioxide and methane from biogas into synthesis gas and make it usable for the chemical industry.

Die Sonnenblume ist äußerst anfällig gegen Krankheiten. Forscher wollen das ändern.

Bio-based plastic building blocks from domestic vegetable oil

Researchers in Bielefeld have developed an environmentally friendly process to produce bio-based polyurethanes for high-performance composites.

Forscher am Mikroskop

Funding Initiatives at a glance

For research funding, the National Bioeconomy Strategy of 2020 defines six modular building blocks that cover the various aspects of the bioeconomy.

In this overview you will find more information on the relevant funding measures of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in each module.


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All funding measures at a glance

As part of the "National Bioeconomy Research Strategy", a total of six federal ministries are supporting the development of a bio-based economy in Germany. There are also numerous funding measures at European level that are relevant to the bio-economy. In addition, the federal states offer research funding.

Our database provides an overview of all bioeconomy-relevant R&D calls in Germany and the European Commission.

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