Dead soil microbes influence the CO2 content

The carbon cycle in soil is significantly influenced by the way microorganisms die.

alter Brauereikessel

Field test for optimized cell factories

With an EU grant, Max Planck researchers want to bring their new concept for optimizing microbial production organisms into biotechnological application.

fertig gepresste Rindenplatten

Glue free wood panels from tree bark

Researchers have succeeded in pressing wooden boards from the bark of native trees that do not require glue, thus enabling easy reuse.

Bauarbeiter verlegen ein mannshohes schwarzes Rohr im Boden.

Biodegradable alternative to HD polyethylene developed

A special polyester has properties comparable to thermoplastics and is both recyclable and microbially degradable.

Acker-Schmalwand (Arabidopsis thaliana) Versuchspflanzen im Gewächshaus

How plants protect themselves from sun

Plants protect their cells from too much sun with the help of color pigments. The signal for this is given by the sugars from photosynthesis.

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