Chemikerinnen und Chemiker der Uni Jena nutzen Biertreber als biologische Ressource für die Herstellung elektrochemischer Energiespeicher.

Using brewery waste for battery production

Researchers at the University of Jena have extracted activated carbon from brewer's grains and used it as a raw material for the production of electrochemical energy storage systems.

Oberkörper eines Mannes, der im Labor steht

Efficient biocatalysts for solar cells

Researchers have succeeded in harnessing electrons from the early stages of photosynthesis.

Kontrukt aus Holz und Kunststoff, auf dem eine Möhre abgebildet ist

Biodegradable muscles for robots

For more sustainability in soft robotics, a Max Planck research team has developed artificial muscles made of gelatin, oil and bioplastics.

ausgerolltes Netz aus beigefarbenen Fasern

Textile concrete for sustainable building

Fraunhofer researchers have developed a natural fiber reinforcement for concrete that can be a bio-based alternative to synthetic fibers.

Feld mit gelb blühenden Pflanzen und locker bewölktem blauem Himmel

New biocatalyst for medical agents

Researchers have optimized an enzyme that activates indole and indene to produce, for example, the precursor of an HIV protease inhibitor.

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