Fischstäbchen von Bluu Seafood aus Forellenzellen und pflanzenbasierten Proteinen

Cell-based fish ready for market

Food tech start-up Bluu Seafood presents fish sticks and fish balls, its first products made directly from cultured fish cells.

Mix unterschiedlicher Tabletten

Biosynthesis for fluorinated drugs

A new process enables the optimization of numerous drugs, including antibiotics, antidepressants and cholesterol-lowering agents.

Roboter mit Pflanzensprössling

Share of green startups remains high

According to the latest Green Startup Monitor, most green startups are in the energy and agriculture sectors.

Echte Kamille

Refining active plant ingredients

Active ingredients from medicinal plants such as thyme and chamomile can now be used even more effectively thanks to a new process.

Eine Laborantin zeigt Wachs und einen Kolben mit Kohlenwasserstoffen.

More efficiency for fuels from biogas

A new process improves the economic viability of synthetic fuels from biogenic residues.

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