Establish niche crops for plant-based foods

By cultivating various legumes in the Franconia-Hohenlohe region, researchers aim to expand the local portfolio of plant-based foods and establish regional value chains.

Montage aus Bioreaktor mit einem Magneten und schematischer Vergrößerung von Bakterien und Uran

Wastewater treatment with magnetotactic bacteria

Microorganisms that react to magnetic fields can eliminate contamination with heavy metals.

Radnetzspinne: eine Feindin für pflanzenfressende Arthropoden

Arthropod diversity increases forest productivity

A study by Göttingen researchers shows for the first time the importance of insect, spider and millipede biodiversity for the forest ecosystem.

Die Crumbsticks haben einen essbaren „Knochen“ aus einer kross gebackenen Brotstange.

Oleogels as heat-resistant barrier layer

Researchers have developed a bio-based coating that protects against moisture and heat while being edible, allowing its use in food.

Grauammer in einer Blumenwiese

Fallow land promotes bird diversity

A study shows how to most effectively create fallow land to strengthen biodiversity.

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