Grauammer in einer Blumenwiese

Fallow land promotes bird diversity

A study shows how to most effectively create fallow land to strengthen biodiversity.

Am liebsten 100% plastikfrei: Verpackungsvorschlag des EDGGY-Teams.

Edible packaging from eggshells

"Eat, don't dispose" - with this in mind, students have developed bio-based packaging from food waste that can be eaten.

Zwei Männer diskutieren für einem Monitor, der chemische Strukturformeln zeigt.

Artificial photosynthesis produces important amino acid

A team from the Technical University of Munich has developed a cell-free bioprocess in which the important protein building block L-alanine is produced from CO2 and hydrogen.

Die neuen Biokunststofffolien aus PBS sind recyclingfähig, biologisch abbaubar und können auf gängigen Extrusionsanlagen verarbeitet werden.

Shipping bags made from new bioplastic

Fraunhofer researchers have expanded the range of sustainable bioplastics with a new type of polybutylene succinate (PBS) and produced a first product from it.

Die „Flora Incognita“-App hat neue Künstliche Intelligenz erhalten

Flora Incognita enhanced with AI

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the plant identification app can now recognize three times as many plants - and with greater accuracy.

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