First approval of laboratory-grown meat applied for in the EU

Heidelberg-based Cultivated B is the first company in the world to submit an application to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for approval of a cell-based sausage product.


Selfish plant traits harm field yields

Artificial shading could help breed better, higher-yielding varieties.

Biosensoren können Produktmoleküle detektieren und dabei leicht auszulesende, fluoreszente Signale in verschiedenen Farben ausgeben

ERC funding for the development of novel biosensors

Markus Jeschek, Professor of Synthetic Microbiology at the University of Regensburg, has received the European Research Council's 1.5 million euro ERC Starting Grant for the development of novel biosensors based on proteins and RNA.

Einweihung der Pilotanlage zur Herstellung von Buchenzellstoff in Göppingen

New perspectives for the textile industry

A pilot plant for the production of high-performance fibers from beech pulp went into operation at the Technikum Laubholz in Göppingen.

gelbes Fruchteis

Bio-based packaging for organic ice cream

Researchers at the University of Hohenheim develop a bio-based and recyclable plastic for food packaging from agricultural residues.

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