Das neuartige PLA-Material lässt sich auf gängigen Verarbeitungsanlagen ähnlich wie LDPE zu Folien verarbeiten

Innovative bioplastic film made from PLA

Fraunhofer researchers have developed a flexible film material from the bioplastic PLA that does not require plasticisers and is recyclable.

Maisanbau mit angemessener Stickstoffgabe auf der Forschungsstation Syferkuil der Universität Limpopo

Study: Redistributed nitrogen consumption increases global food security

An optimal redistribution of global nitrogen quantities in fertilisation would also ensure food security and sustainability in countries of the Global South. This is the conclusion of an international study involving researchers from Göttingen.

Probenahme von Mikroplastik im Ablauf der Kläranlage Petershausen mithilfe eines rotierenden Siebfilters durch Samuel Schmucker

Removing microplastics from sewage treatment plants

Researchers at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences have developed a biological process in which worms and microbes help to break down microplastics in wastewater.

Anhand von Drohnenfotos oder anderen Bildern aus frühem Wachstumsstadien kann die Software die zukünftige Entwicklung der Pflanzen visualisieren.

AI makes the growth of arable plants visible

Researchers in Bonn have developed software that can be used to visualise the future growth of arable crops and predict important parameters such as yield.


Green ERA-Hub: EU alliances for innovative plant breeding wanted

As part of the European "Green ERA-Hub" initiative, the BMBF is funding innovative approaches for a sustainable bioeconomy. A new round of calls for proposals is focussing on the breeding of resistant crops.

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