Visions in bioeconomy

Visions in bioeconomy

Students from all over the globe are invited to present new ideas for a biobased economy as part of an art competition. The winners will be exhibited at the global summit in Berlin.

Kunst-und Designstudenten sind aufgerufen, ihre Visionen der Bioökonomie von Morgen zu entwerfen.
Students are invited to submit their artistic visions of the future of bioeconomy in an art competition for the global bioeconomy summit taking place in April in Berlin.

It’s been more than two years since international and national players across policy and science discussed the meaning of bioeconomy at the „Global Bioeconomy Summit“ (GBS). More than 700 guests from 82 countries came to Berlin for the two-day meeting in order to talk about such pivotal topics as global warming, protecting the environment, decarbonisation, and the fight against world hunger. As a result of the first global bioeconomy summit, the participants agreed on a final communiqué that highlighted five priorities of an international political agenda towards a biobased economy. The event was organised by the German Bioeconomy Council and was supported by the German government.

Creating the bioeconomy of tomorrow

The second Global Bioeconomy Summit will take place April 19 and 20, once again in Berlin. This time, the meeting will also offer the stage to the next generation and their vision of the future: Last December the Bioeconomy Council started the creative “Bioeconomy Art Competition”. Young, creative people from all over the world are asked to present their ideas for a future bioeconomy.

The competition was initiated, because - thus far - most concepts were developed by scientists or policy makers. Visualisations and realisations of a future bioeconomy have yet to be developed. According to the council, such images and visual definitions are important in order to transport the emotions and visions of the bioeconomy and initiate a public discourse. “This is how the idea to talk to universities and work with students came about,” says Hans Baltzer, juror and professor for illustration at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin.

Visions of the future in pictures and comics

Interested students are invited to send their illustrations regarding the bioeconomy of tomorrow to the jury until January 31. Aside from future visions of bioeconomy, the competition asks how the participants themselves want to live in the future and how bioeconomy can contribute to that as well as to the many global challenges that are directly affecting the participants. “The illustrations can cover a wide array of topics. The pictures are supposed to tell a story in drawings, sketches or comics,” says Baltzer.

The top three will be presented at the GBS

A jury will assess the proposals. The three best contributions will be presented during the global summit in April 2018. “It’s about presenting these ideas and approaches to an international expert audience and thereby initiate new conversations,” says Baltzer.

Sharpening the awareness for bioeconomy

The illustration-expert is convinced: By using art, the awareness of the young generation regarding bioeconomy can be further enhanced. “Every change has to be imagined first. This is where art comes into play.”