Kiel: Bayer invests millions in animal health site

Kiel: Bayer invests millions in animal health site

Bayer aims to further build its Animal Health sector by investing €92 million in its production site in Kiel.

Bayer invests in growing Animal Health sector and the major production site in Kiel with €92 million.

Bayer aims to further grow its Animal Health Business. Until the year 2021, the company will invest an estimated €92 million into the further development of the production site in Kiel, where some of the most important products for the global market are being manufactured.

Increased demand requires renovation

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Within the sector of animal health especially the rising demand for collars against fleas and ticks requires further investments into new production facilities, as well as filling and packaging lines. Additionally the production of pipettes with liquid parasite protection for pets will be expanded. Moreover, other liquid products as well as an optimized production of pills for companion and farm animals will be supported with millions. And, last but not least, Bayer will invest and renew infrastructure of the production site in Kiel.

Getting Kiel ready for the future

“Kiel is by far the most important production site for our animal health business,” says Dirk Ehle, Head of the Bayer unit Animal Health. “Here, we produce around 60 percent of our products, which are sold all over the globe. As a strategic production site for pipettes and flea and tick collars, Kiel substantially contributes to the success of our business unit. We expect significant growth in the future, in particular for our collars. In addition, we want to prepare Kiel for the requirements of the future production of our pipeline products. The site will thus be optimally positioned for medium and long-term.” In 2016, the total Animal Health sales are estimated at €1.5 billion. Further production sites are located in the USA, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, and New Zealand.