Bioeconomy ship on tour again

Bioeconomy ship on tour again

The ‘MS Wissenschaft’ with the bioeconomy exhibition is on the road again. This year, the tour takes in 30 cities in Germany's north and west and also makes a stop in Austria.

Full speed ahead for the bioeconomy - that's the motto again this year for the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft.

Since the beginning of June, it's been time to cast off again for the hands-on exhibition on the bioeconomy aboard the MS Wissenschaft (MS Science). Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the converted cargo ship will stop at a total of 30 locations in Germany and Austria between now and October 26. After an eight-month break, the ship dropped anchor in Hamburg on June 5 as the first stop on the second tour. After Glückstadt and Rendsburg, the exhibition ship will also call at Kiel and Hildesheim in June. The floating exhibition, organized by Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), is a highlight of the Bioeconomy Science Year. The aim is to bring the many facets of the bioeconomy closer to a broad audience via many different exhibits and hands-on activities.

Insights into bioeconomy research

Around 30 exhibits invite visitors to try out, discover and marvel. Universities, research institutes and other institutions provide insights into the broad field of bioeconomy research and development. The bioeconomy exhibition on the MS Wissenschaft also addresses ethical and political issues associated with the shift toward a biobased and sustainable economy. The sustainability of biofuels is questioned, as are the opportunities and risks of new plant breeding methods or the challenge of feeding a growing world population. The individual topics have been prepared by researchers in such a way that they can be understood by children and adults alike.

Enthusiasm and involvement

The spectrum of bioeconomic innovations ranges from T-shirts made of wood to burgers made of insects. But there is also an interactive washing machine to marvel at, for example. It will be shown how bio-based surfactants for detergents, medicines and cosmetics can be produced effectively and in an environmentally friendly way from fungi. In addition, it can be seen how the blight fungus Ustilago maydis produces biosurfactants. Visitors can inspect the oval fungal cells under a microscope.

"News from biowaste", on the other hand, provides an explanatory game for visitors to participate in. In a playful way, it shows how products can be made from renewable raw materials without competing with food crops.

A "biorefinery on the farm" demonstrates how important basic chemicals are produced from plant residues such as chicory, coffee grounds or straw, which in turn can be used to manufacture nylon stockings or plastic bottles. The "little everyday heroes" of the bioeconomy are also on board: a so-called algae flipper shows how wastewater can be cleaned in an ecological way with the help of algae, generating valuable biomass in the process.

Book free tickets in advance

The visit of the bioeconomy exhibition is free of charge. However, a ticket must be booked in advance. This can be done 5 days before the ship arrives in a city via the ticketing system. The tour schedule reveals where the MS Wissenschaft will drop anchor.