Bioeconomy International: New call for proposals launched

Bioeconomy International: New call for proposals launched

As part of the "Bioeconomy International" funding initiative, the BMBF is supporting the establishment of global research alliances for the eleventh time.

Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Research funding plays a key role in leveraging the potential of the bioeconomy, not only at national but also at international level. After all, the bioeconomy must be considered globally. In 2012, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched the "Bioeconomy International" funding measure (original title: "Bioökonomie International"). To mark this occasion, the conference "10 years of Bioeconomy International" was recently held in Bonn. The 11th funding round of this successful funding measure has now started.

Global research alliances for the bioeconomy funded

It funds research, development and innovation projects (R&D&I projects) in consortia between German and international partners – outside of Europe. The current measure does not address bilateral alliances with the possibility of co-financing, but is a globally open basic module for which all non-EU countries are potentially eligible as partners. These must organize their own funding.

The thematic framework for funding is determined by the National Bioeconomy Strategy with its guidelines and strategic objectives. The project outlines must therefore serve the BMBF's national activities to promote the bioeconomy and make a complementary contribution to achieving the funding policy objectives of the National Bioeconomy Strategy. The benefits for all participating countries should be balanced or fairly distributed. It is expected that the collaborative projects will address at least one other component of the National Bioeconomy Strategy in addition to the "Global Research Cooperation" research component.

Biological knowledge as the key

One focus of the call is on the topics of the module "Biological knowledge as the key to the bioeconomy". These include, among others:

  • Work on understanding and modeling biological systems;
  • Project outlines for researching and establishing novel production organisms for primary production and industrial production;
  • Research approaches for the development or further development of innovative biotechnological process concepts for bio-based production systems and
  • research work aimed at the sustainable production of biogenic resources.

In addition, the funding guideline also aims to serve the three missions relevant to the bioeconomy of the Future Strategy for Research and Innovation adopted in February of this year: "Enabling resource-efficient and circular economy-based competitive industry and sustainable mobility" and II "Climate protection, climate adaptation, food security and biodiversity conservation" as well as "Intensifying European and international cooperation".

Project duration up to three years

Universities, non-university research institutions, state and federal institutions with research tasks as well as commercial enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are based in Germany at the time of application are eligible to apply. The duration of the projects to be funded is generally up to three years. The BMBF has commissioned Project Management Jülich to handle the funding measure. Contact persons are Veronika Jablonowski and Christian Breuer.

Two-stage application procedure

The application procedure has a two-stage structure. In the first stage, project outlines must be submitted to Project Management Jülich electronically in English via the Bioeconomy International internet portal by February 27, 2024. Positively evaluated project outlines can then submit a formal funding application via the electronic application system „easy-Online“.