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Tetra Pak with bio-based packaging

Tetra Pak's aseptic carton packaging, the first of its kind worldwide, are manufactured from 80% bio-based material.

Getränkeverschlusskappen aus Zuckerrohr von Tetra Pak
The new generation of Tetra Pak boasts lining and caps made from biopolymers produced from sugar cane.
Tetra Pak GmbH

Tetra Pak are aiming high: The Swiss-based packaging manufacturer, originally founded in Sweden, has set its sights on manufacturing products from 100% renewable materials that have been cultivated sustainably. "The introduction of the new Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge packaging with the bio-based LightCap 30 is a key step towards achieving our goal," says Charles Brand, Tetra Pak Executive Vice President.

Biopolymers derived from sugar cane

Tetra Pak, with German offices in Hochheim am Main and Limburg an der Lahn, has unveiled a first in the form of its new drink packaging, a carton that has been lined using polymers derived from sugar cane. The cap too is made from the new type of bio-plastic, meaning that the carton, including cardboard, is now made from 80% renewable material. According to the company, the new version of Tetrapak is available globally and can be used by customers in existing equipment without any additional capital investment.

Reduced carbon footprint

An independent life-cycle analysis conducted by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute found that production of the new packaging led to a substantially reduced carbon footprint. It was up to 17 percent less than in the manufacture of regular packaging. The packaging, with its increased eco-friendliness, has just been awarded "four stars", the highest class of certification from the Belgian judging body Vinçotte. "To date, this is the first aseptic carton packaging that we have certified," explains Philippe Dewolfs, President of the Vinçotte Certification Committee.

80 Prozent der neuen Tetra Pak Box besteht aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
Tetra Pak GmbH

80 percent of the new Tetra Pak packaging is made from renewable materials.

Award signposts customers

The four-star award not only acknowledges Tetra Pak as a manufacturer. The certification also aims to help customers find their bearings among an ever-expanding range of new bio-based packaging. "Genuine Vinçotte certification provides our clients with trustworthy information about our new packaging, which they can share with the consumer. In that way, we help our customers distinguish themselves from the competition," explains Charles Brand, Executive Vice President of Tetra Pak.

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