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Reinforcement for sweetener alliance

The partnership for natural-based sweetening solutions around Zwingenberger Brain AG has a new partner: In March, a European beverage company joined the DOLCE team.

Too much sugar is unhealthy. The industry has therefore been looking for healthy alternatives for a long time.

Too sweet, too salty, too fatty: Many foods contain ingredients that are unhealthy when consumed in excess. The food industry has long been under pressure to find alternatives: The cost of treating diet-related diseases such as heart, circulatory and metabolic diseases is around 17 billion euros a year.

European beverage company becomes a DOLCE member

In 2016, the strategic partnership DOLCE was formed with the focus on the development of new natural sweeteners and flavor enhancers. The initiators of the sweetener alliance are the bioeconomy company Brain AG, the natural products specialist Analyticon Discovery GmbH and the French specialty food manufacturer Roquette. The trio has now been expanded: As Brain announced in mid-March, another company from the consumer goods sector has joined the DOLCE team: a globally active European beverage company. The name of the company and further details of the partnership were not disclosed.

More than 25 natural sweeteners available

As a new member, the company now has access to the extensive range of natural sweeteners specially developed for beverages. According to Brain, more than 25 natural sucrose sweet flavor enhancers and natural high-intensity sweeteners have been identified and characterized since the alliance was formed. These sweeteners can be adapted to each company's product portfolio. As Brain stated, negotiations are currently underway with other potential partners from the food and beverage industry.

National strategy for healthy nutrition

The promotion of a healthy diet is also on the political agenda of the German government and was anchored in a national strategy last year. Among other things, this strategy aims to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat in foods and to develop innovations that make foods healthier.


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