CEPI (2016): Roadmap Bioeconomy

CEPI (2016): Roadmap Bioeconomy

The European paper industry has unveiled a major investment agenda to drive towards its 2050 vision of a low-carbon, resource-efficient bioeconomy.

The road map outlines ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has a vision of leading Europe's bioeconomy transition towards 2050 by cutting its carbon footprint by 80% while creating more than 50% more added value.

Currently, the European paper industry is investing 3-3.5 billion euros annually. Investments for the development of decarbonization technologies in Europe and the development of new biotechnological products would require a further €44 billion, which is 40% more than today's level, by 2050, explained Slyvain Lhôte, director general of the association.



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