Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Bioeconomy International: New call for proposals launched

As part of the "Bioeconomy International" funding initiative, the BMBF is supporting the establishment of global research alliances for the eleventh time.


Diversity turns soils into carbon sinks

An international research team was able to prove that on grassland it is not the quantity of plant biomass but its diversity that is decisive for carbon storage in the soil.

Pilotanlage MicroHarvest

Hamburg-based MicroHarvest opens pilot plant in Lisbon

With the commissioning of the first pilot plant for the production of sustainable proteins, the Hamburg-based biotechnology company has taken a further step towards commercialization.

Eine Frau steht hinter einer Maschine, die ein Stück Stoff verarbeitet

Giving bio-based geotextiles the right durability

Lignin-coated natural fibers can replace highly resistant synthetic fibers in some civil engineering applications.

Konferenz 10 Jahre Bioökonomie International in Bonn

Bioeconomy International: Looking back and forward in Bonn

The first cooperation projects of the BMBF's Bioeconomy International funding measure were launched ten years ago. To mark the anniversary, the BMBF hosted a conference in Bonn. The upcoming round of calls for proposals was also discussed there.

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Research Map

In our research map you will find more than 800 research institutions in Germany dealing with topics relevant to the bioeconomy.

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