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Start-up Traceless Materials nominated for German Founder Award

The finalists for the German Founder Award 2022 have been determined: Among the nominees is the Hamburg-based bioeconomy startup Traceless Materials with its biomaterial made from agricultural residues.

Nahaufnahme von Mistelbeeren, die klebrigen Samen beinhalten

Super glue from mistletoe berries

They are white, round and extremely sticky: the fruits of the white berry mistletoe. In the search for a bioadhesive, they have now become the focus of scientific attention.


Generate hydrogen from biogas

A pilot plant for the production of hydrogen from biogas is being built in Bavaria as part of an EU project. The project is being funded with nearly 10 million euros.

Sate-Spieße aus Kulturfleisch

Chicken substitute from soy for restaurants

A soy-based meat alternative developed by the start-up Next Gen Foods has now reached restaurants in Germany.

metallischer Kubus als Methanreaktor

Biogas without carbon dioxide emissions

A new process will use green hydrogen to convert CO2 produced during biogas production into methane.

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