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Improved photosynthesis leads to better performing barley

A European research network aims to optimize ozone tolerance, photosynthetic performance and stem quality in barley.

Biogasanlage auf Rügen

Microbial key players in biogas production discovered

With Darwinibacteriales, researchers in the EU Micro4Biogas project have identified a new group of anaerobic bacteria that could be the key to optimized biogas production.

Agriphotovoltaik-Anlage - nachhaltige Innovationen

BMBF publishes its first own sustainability strategy

Just in time for the UN Summit on Agenda 2030 in New York, the German Federal Ministry of Research has published its own sustainability strategy - and the bioeconomy plays an important role in it.


First approval of laboratory-grown meat applied for in the EU

Heidelberg-based Cultivated B is the first company in the world to submit an application to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for approval of a cell-based sausage product.


Selfish plant traits harm field yields

Artificial shading could help breed better, higher-yielding varieties.

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In our research map you will find more than 800 research institutions in Germany dealing with topics relevant to the bioeconomy.

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