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Recent publications on bioeconomy in Germany

Free copies of the publications below can be ordered via the BMBF website


 National Bioeconomy Strategy

 Long Version

 Published by: The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL); July 2020

 Design: BIOCOM AG


This brochure presents the contents of the new National Bioeconomy Strategy in text and pictures. In its National Bioeconomy Strategy, the Federal Government lays down the guidelines and objectives for its policy on the bioeconomy and lists measures for their implementation.

National Bioeconomy Strategy (PDF, not barrier-free)

 Innovation made easy

 Ideas contest "New products for the bioeconomy"

 Published by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
October 2018

 Production: bioö / BIOCOM AG


The brochure illustrates how creative ideas can be turned into innovative, biobased products for the   bioeconomy - with the support of the BMBF as part of the "New products for the bioeconomy" ideas competition.

Innovation made easy (PDF barrier-free)
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