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nova-Institute (2016): Europe’s bioeconomy in figures

The bioeconomy employs 18.3 million people in total and generates a turnover of €2.1 trillion

The primary biomass production, mainly agriculture plus forestry and fishery employs 58% of all employees but is responsible for a relatively low turnover (21%). More than a quarter of the total turnover, i. e. €600 billion, is achieved by the biobased sector.

Eurostat was used as the main source of data for all sectors of the bioeconomy. Some sectors, such as the forest-based industry, are fully bio-based and thus fully accounted to the bioeconomy. For other sectors such as the chemical industry, the bio-based shares were estimated and included in the data.

The data, generated by nova-Institute on behalf of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) will be updated annually.



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