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Biopolymers (2017) – Facts and Statistics

The study published by the Institute for Bioplastics and Bio-Compounds (IfBB) provides a comprehensive overview of current developments in the bioplastics sector.

Nowadays, there are numerous different types of bioplastics. After a brief explanation of the bio-based materials (eg, rubber, viscose, or celluloid) that were invented before the manufacture of petrochemical plastics, the focus of the study is on materials that have only been launched in recent years (eg, PLA, Bio-PET or Bio-PE). The study provides comparative data on the use of resources, water and land in individual bioplastics. Overall, the market share of bioplastics on the global plastics market is 6%. It is assumed that the market share will increase to 10% within the next five years. At present, approximately 15.7 million hectares - 0.3% of the global agricultural area - are needed for the production of bioplastics.

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