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Bioeconomy in Spain

After several years of preparation, Spain has launched its national bioeconomy strategy called "Horizonte 2030" (Horizon 2030). It commenced at the end of 2015 and, by 2030, aims to extend the Spanish economy to the area of sustainable bioeconomy.

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment were responsible for moving the strategy forward. Developed by a multidisciplinary working group, the strategy is primarily aimed at food production. Priority is given to agriculture, forestry and fisheries (including aquaculture), but also to the chemical and bioenergy industries.

In April 2015, the Ministry launched the "National Food and Agriculture and Forestry Innovation and Research Program". Public funding comes from the Spanish government and from the EU's Horizon 2020 research program. The budget is around 200 million euro a year, and just under 1.1 billion euro is earmarked for the strategy by 2020. The program is being used as a monitoring body to ensure the implementation of the strategy, a "Spanish Bioeconomy Observatory".

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