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Larvae: the protein suppliers of the future

Proteins are an important component of animal feed. However, protein-rich crops such as lupins and peas are still niche products on European fields. The protein used in European cattle feed mainly comes from soya and fish meal imports.


The plant doctor

Whether grey mould or boxwood borer: pests that stray into Andreas von Tiedemann's garden are at a disadvantage. After all, they are dealing with an expert who is passionate about plant protection. For almost 40 years, the agricultural scientist and doctor of phytomedicine has been searching for new strategies to effectively combat plant diseases. He was recently honoured with the highest award a "plant doctor" can receive: In August 2018, Tiedemann was awarded the Anton de Bary Medal by the German Phytomedical Society for his "life's work".


Modern wheat varieties are strong performers

Over the decades, plant breeding has continuously increased the yield of arable plants. But would these modern high-performance varieties be superior to their predecessors from before the intensification of agriculture even without fertilizers, chemical pesticides and changing climatic conditions? Researchers at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, together with colleagues from other German universities and the Julius Kühn Institute, have presented empirical facts on this controversial question for the first time.


Allergene in Lebensmitteln reduzieren

Viele Menschen leiden unter einer Lebensmittelallergie. Nach Einschätzung des Deutschen Allergie- und Asthmabundes (DAAB) sind allein in Deutschland etwa sechs Millionen Kinder und Erwachsene betroffen. Besonders weit verbreitet ist die Erdnussallergie. Allergikern bleibt bisher nur der Verzicht auf den Verzehr von allergieauslösenden Lebensmitteln, wie Erdnüssen oder Senf, da die Krankheit bisher nicht heilbar ist.

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