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Danish concern Chr. Hansen buys Jennewein

Unexpected European deal in the industrial biotechnology sector: Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH has a new owner. The Danish group Chr. Hansen took over the company from Rheinbreitbach on September 22. As bioö found out on request from company founder Stefan Jennewein, the purchase price is 310 million euros.


Sausage and burgers made of mushroom mycelium

More and more consumers are turning to meat substitutes in the supermarket. The range extends from soya schnitzel and tofu sausage to lentil burgers. The trend is mostly served by start-ups such as the Berlin company Mushlabs. The eleven-member team around founder Mazen Rizk uses mycelia from mushrooms to make vegan meat substitutes. The biotechnology company has now been able to attract new investors for the further development of its products. A total of 8.7 million euros were raised in a Series A financing round.


Dänischer Konzern Chr. Hansen kauft Jennewein

Überraschender europäischer Deal in der industriellen Biotechnologie-Branche: Die Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH hat einen neuen Eigentümer. Der dänische Konzern Chr. Hansen hat das Unternehmen aus Rheinbreitbach am 22. September übernommen. Wie bioö auf Anfrage bei Firmengründer Stefan Jennewein erfahren hat, liegt der Kaufpreis bei 310 Mio. Euro.

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